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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Communication Tools Product Review- Hyphen


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Hyphen is a personal assistant for your slack account. It uses artificial intelligence to help you and your teammates in your daily activities just like another active team member. Using the hyphen, you can book a table in a restaurant, automate meeting, get assistance in asynchronous communication, forward mail and manage expense. Its natural language model makes her smart enough to understand the words you say to her.

Editions and Pricing

Hyphen is available is two versions called Personal and Team. The Personal version is free and supports three features, Zendesk integration, Stripe integration, and polls. You can buy the Team version at $ 20 per month with a free 10-day trial. The Team version can have an unlimited number of users, all the personal features and also supports slash command.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Skylar_AsychronousCommunicationAsynchronous Communication
Hyphen tracks the goals of every team member. It makes each of them accountable by asking three These questions identify their activities and hurdles.




Skylar_ForwardEmailsForward Emails
Hyphen works perfectly in sync with emails. With this bot your can send out emails, attach files and receive replies within slack.




You can train hyphen to ask custom questions to your team members and generate a report from their responses for easier decision making.




Mobile Accessibility

Since Slack has Android and iOS apps, the hyphen is also accessible on these platforms.


Integration with Business Tools:You can integrate hyphen with tools like Google Analytics, Stripe and Zendesk and leverage all the useful information in your slack.

Google Calendar: With a hyphen, you can schedule a meeting by creating goal within Slack only without having to switch to your browser.

Dropbox: You can directly put files shared with you on Dropbox. No need to download and save.


Hyphen provides support through email, chat, and phone. There are demo videos on the site too.

Pros and Cons of Hyphen


  • Integrates with most of the essential business tools so you don’t need multiple bots for different tasks.
  • Ability to learn new tasks.
  • Perfect synchronization with email.


  • Features like Google analytics and Dropbox integration are not available in the free version.


Hyphen is a smart personal assistant for your Slack. It is powered by artificial intelligence to assist you in your daily tasks. Its integration with multiple tools allows you to perform various tasks right from your slack account. This bot has the potential to evolve into a much smarter personal assistant.

For more details, please visit hyphen website.

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