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Monday , June 24 2024

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Communication Tools Product Review- Shift Status


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Shift Status is a tool dedicated to managers for the effective staff scheduling process. The fast and simply beneficial app allows you to assign shifts to your employees and manage their requests. You only need to add employees to the system and reset the app will do all. It seamlessly connects you to staff regarding trades and shifts. Moreover, the app is accessible on every possible device, so no interruption occurs between staff and work.

Leverage the power of Shift Status for seamless staff’s shift management. Receive trade and time off requests from the employees for confirmation and make them aware using email notification. Briefly, this is the simplest way to schedule your staff by creating, editing, and viewing their work schedules.

Editions and Pricing

Free Plan $0/month 5 Employee Accounts
Plus Plan $16.95/month 15 Employee Accounts
Business Plan $26.95/month 30 Employee Accounts
Corporate Plan $39.95/month 100 Employee Accounts

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Since shift is the focus of the app, management of staff includes this section. This feature allows a user to schedule shifts for his employees based on their roles for which they will be alerted. You can edit these shifts anytime. Moreover, option for adding a note is present for your convenience.

Each employee receives individual account where he will get notifications regarding any change.

product_review_shift_status_timeoff_requestsTrade Requests and Time off Requests
When the manager schedule shifts for an employee, the employee can request a trade for the shift. It is then the responsibility of both recipient and the manager to approve or reject it.

These requests directly land into the account of concerning recipient and manager as a notification. Besides trade requests, employees can apply for time off for the knowledge of the manager only. This process is fast and super easy to accomplish.

They are the quick schedules while managing shifts of the employees. You can create templates for your office working system when there is a repetitive scenario belonging to the staff.

For such repetitive task, templates can help you, so you make them once and use their same structure every time with quick functionality. Make multiple templates based on the requirement of staff arrangement and use any of them anytime for fast referral and controlling.

Mobile Accessibility

The app is present as a dedicated mobile app for the users.


Currently, Shift Status does not allow integration with any other app.


For receiving support regarding the app, you can send them your concerning message directly, can send email, or contact through phone. Moreover, the app consists FAQs.

Pros and Cons of Shift Status


  • Role-based color code representation.
  • Spreadsheet view of shifts.
  • No contribution from frozen accounts.
  • Automatically generates a password for each employee.
  • Shows statistics for employees’ schedules.


  • It does not highlight one’s schedule, which makes hard to identifying shifts regarding that user.
  • Cannot change username once inserted.
  • A reminder widget could have used.
  • It does not allow export of schedules.


Shift Status is a great tool for managing your employees’ schedules, shifts, and leaves for smooth and transparent workflow.

For more details, please visit Shift Status website.

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