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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Communication Tools Product Review- Solid

Communication-tools-product-review-solidConducting meetings and keeping everything on track about is can be a challenge if have to be done manually. There are some things that are important related to a meeting and managing them is important as well. To help you out with this, Solid can be an excellent partner. It helps you create, conduct and manage important things about your meetings. Loaded with highly advanced features and external integrations, this can be a perfect meeting solution.

Editions and Pricing

Solid is in Bea version presently and will soon release its pricing details.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Solid-TheDashboardThe Dashboard
Solid offers an interactive, intuitive and straightforward dashboard for its users. This platform gives direct access to links to create and manage meetings. The options available are:

  • Create Meetings
  • Action Items
  • Search
  • Statistics, and
  • Settings

Solid-CreateAMeetingCreate a Meeting
You can create a session directly from the dashboard. The create sessions gives you options to Schedule a meeting for future or create an instant meeting.

You can add elements to a meeting such as vast and small text, note, decision, open issue, file, action item, or a section.

Solid-InstantMeetingThe Instant Meeting
Here you can add text describing the agenda of the meeting and instantly end it with the button on the top panel.


The meetings section displays a list of all the meetings you have scheduled till now.

This feature also gives details about their duration and options to send summary through email, Evernote or slack.

Solid-ActionItemsAction Items
Action Items are elements that you add during a meeting. These are measures that are decided to be taken regarding an issue around which the agenda of the meeting lies.

The action items section has separate sections for Schedules, Unscheduled, and Completed tasks. This classification helps you to filter out your action items by their status. This classification helps you to filter out your action items by their status.

This option lets you search anything on your meeting. This feature helps you to find important things easily simply by typing in keywords.

Not only this, pressing the CTRL+S buttons will jump you straight to search from anywhere on Solid.

The statistics show statistics about the meetings conducted through Solid. This section displays details such as:

  • Total Number of Meetings
  • Total Time Spent in Meetings
  • Average Meeting Duration, and
  • Number of meetings evolution over months

Mobile Accessibility

The application is available on platforms such as iOS, Mac, and Google Chrome.


The application integrates seamlessly with:

  • Google
  • Zapier
  • Office 365
  • Evernote
  • Slack
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox


  • The application provides a separate Help and FAQ section to help its users understand the product better and resolve common issues.
  • Solid also offers email support to all its users if they face some specific issues using the application.

Pros and Cons


  • The easy and intuitive interface makes the process smooth.
  • Features such as statistics and action items keep you updated.


  • The Schedule a meeting option needs improvement.


  • A mobile app will help manage the application better.
  • The interface is incredibly easy to understand and use.

For more details, please visit  Solid website.

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