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Monday , June 24 2024

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CRM Tools Product Review- Airtable

CRM-Tools-Product-review- AirtableManaging sources and elements has become part of day to day life in professional as well as personal needs. Humans and technology altogether are looking after all the management work. The very important work is to deal with the database and its associated concerns.

With Airtable a top crm software for small medium buisness & every section of the database can be handled with minimal efforts, a tool which is making your work flexible for seamless handling of dynamic tasks and tangle free data. Airtable is an app which can be used by businesses and personal management either. Users could store, access and manage data with the help of self made database.

A database which any user can form with his own entities and in the way he wants to be, be it a technical or a non-technical user. Airtable provides all features with clean and clear options. Need to manage clients’ information, office work, moreover, want to manage things for vacations, weddings, planning then Airtable is your magic wand.

Editions and Pricing

Plan Price Features
Free $0
  • 1200 rows/ base
  • 2 GB attachment space/base
Plus $12/user/month
  • 5000 rows/ base
  • 5 GB attachment space/base
Pro $24/user/month
  • 50000 rows/ base
  • 20 GB attachment space/base
Enterprise Coming soon
  • Custom # of rows/ base
  • Custom attachment space/base

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Airtable_Simple_content_integrationSimple Content Integration
With a variety of modes of integration the app provides all possible tools to be used with the app. The user can attach almost every popular file type through the available options be it an image from insta, a file from Dropbox, a video file, a note from Evernote. It gives a cross platform synchronization.


Airtable_effortless_collaborationEffortless Collaboration
Tables in the database and their content are now sharable with Airtable. The fields, comments, contacts can be shared with other members of your interest. People can chat and also can mention teammates in the conversation by simply using their email ids. All this is contributing in easy and collaborative use of the app as well as in managing database so one can communicate fluently with others giving their respective views.




Airtable_completely_extensibleCompletely Extensible
Users can get to know the technicality behind the formation of database by viewing the accessible code. For professionals work it is ready to fetch the code and integrate with other applications to use it accordingly as per need.



Airtable_form_viewFiltration with views
Views, as their name suggests are some different sights of database to have quick vision over. In Airtable these can be viewed under 3 major classification – grid view, form view and calendar. Grid view is same as that of the main view. Form view here, lets the user share the format with other users so that they can fill the form and associated entries will be directly saved in the database.


Airtable_calendar_viewBeside grid and form view, calendar view is the new cool. Calendar view will allow the user to save the field of database with the dates. The one click on date in calendar will link the table contents with calendar.



Mobile Accessibility

The app has seamless access on web based apps and on mobile platforms as well.


Airtable has built in support for almost all apps such as Dropbox, Facebook, instagram, Github, Linkedin, evernote and what not via Zapier due to its robust API. Also, Airtable can be configured with over 450 websites, making it so valuable.


There are different ways to communicate, a knowledge base to know answers for any query of user, company forums are present over the site. This is not all, there is a video gallery to get to know the app better, different zones for android and iOS users of the app.

Pros and Cons of Airtable


  1. No technical knowledge is required.
  2. Amazing for home and small businesses.
  3. Snapshot feature is available to record your picture.


  1. Lacking in performance analysis.

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Simple API is the key point to be noted in its use with predefined templates to snatch an idea from. Availability of all possible options and their easy followings to make a database less complex for free is here. Basically Airtable is for everyone, anywhere.

For more details, please visit: Airtable website.

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