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Friday , April 19 2024

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CRM Tools Product Review- Map My Customers

CRM-Tools-Product-review-mapmycustomersMany business owners fail to realize where they are losing their customers. Running a business is a tough task. With thousands of constraints in mind, it becomes difficult to track each and every aspect of what is going on especially when it comes to customer behavior and leads.

Managing sales and spreadsheets can become very overwhelming even with the aid of a sales automation software. Small and medium sized business regularly meet with sales related troubles because of inefficient management. Map My Customers is one such tool that business owners will find utterly useful in handling their sales related woes.


Editions and Pricing

Map My Customers allows users to take a two-week free trial. The tool also allows a user to create an own customized plan for which they can directly contact the vendors for the pricing quote. Customization is an amazing feature, so the user has to pay only for the features and facilities he wants to utilize. Specific pricing plans are available in three editions; Free, Individuals, and Teams. The Free version is for up to 50 pins and is limited to 10 groups. The Individuals version costs $9.99 for up to 5000 pins and 500 groups. The Teams version costs $24.99 for all the features.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Map My Customer understands the importance of a quick glance and has designed the panel in such a manner that users do not need to rummage through stuff to find what they need. Dashboard opens up with a view of map marking locations with pins. All the features are readily accessible from here.


A user can view various tracks of his customers with the option of adding groups, viewing nearby customers by setting search radius, check-ins, reminders, routine, territories, and activities.


add contactAdd Contacts
A user can add his customers as contact and filter based on many constraints.


leads Leads
Map My Customers lets the user track their business leads so that they do not miss out on anything. This feature displays the total leads with the count on leads won and lost so the users can focus on factors that can increase their points. Users can customize this feature by setting custom stage names suiting their business and can also download the details. Users can also setup integrations through this feature.


Visual aid is a good method to observe patterns and the overall performance of your business. Map My Customers provides table options through which users can view the pictorial representation of data related to business like revenue, won, lead status change, lead stages, check-ins and reminders.


Business often requires to collaborate and work in teams. This tool lets you create groups in which pins of members grouped together to be shared with the team and give access rights to them to edit, share, export and delete pins. It also has view activity feature which lets you know what updates your team has made.


Mobile Accessibility

Map My Customers can use this tools from anywhere. This tool is supported on Windows and Mac alike. Mobile applications for Map my Customer is available for Android and iOS.


Map My Customers is tightly integrated with other CRM solutions like Salesforce, Quickbooks and infusion soft.


Video tutorials and blog support are present for users to deal with queries. It also provides email support and users can also reach representative through active social media Twitter and Facebook.

Pros and Cons of Map My Customers


  • Customized pricing plan.
  • The feature to track leads is excellent and helpful.
  • Maps directly show your customer pins.


  • Does not lets you create a team in the free version. Asks for card details.
  • Many features blocked in the free version.


Map My Customers has a very intuitive approach to tracking the sales with options of viewing active leads and creating custom teams. It provides mobile support as well, so you are updated with everything even on the fly. This CRM tool takes customer mapping to a whole new level by creating territories.

For more details, please visit Map My Customer website.

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