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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Accounting Tools Product Review – TwoCards

Accounting-Tools-Product-review-TwoCardsInvoices are hard to manage and therefore, require a smart and intuitive tool to perform relevant actions. Such a tool TwoCards one of the best accounting tools efficiently furnishes all the tasks for an invoice from its formation to its payment.

The dedicated invoice tool is very supportive in getting paid invoice with appropriate management. It uses clear and concise reports for invoice generation and consumes fast methods to send and receive invoices and get paid on time.


Editions and Pricing

The app is in beta and hence, free for all registered users. However, after beta, it will cost £6/month.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

TwoCards_Fast_Invoice_CreationFast Invoice Creation
The app allows the user to create invoices for his clients in no time. Invoice creation just needs a minute; fill in important details regarding the customer, a due date to capture the notice of the customer, and the particulars of the product for which you are paying. The user defines the mode of payment for the customer. Also, the user can set the custom date out of available formats to set his due date value.



The dashboard of TwoCards clearly displays the status concerning the invoices sent and received till date. It makes it easy to grasp the current situation of your money in the business so you can decide on next steps.



TwoCards_Notification_SettingsNotification Settings
Notifications are an important asset in an app that performs certain tasks. In TwoCards, you can easily manage your notification settings about what notices you want to receive and when. These email options are all based on users’ needs and decisions.



Manage your customer database conveniently in TwoCards with Clients section. Make addition of clients you do business with so the app will automatically hint their name while you send the invoice; offering faster process to the user.


Mobile Accessibility

TwoCards does not have Android or iOS app for now.


Since it is an invoice app, it provides integration with leading payment tools, PayPal and Stripe.


A user can get support from the app via email.

Pros and Cons of TwoCards


  • Automatic reminders to the customer along with the invoices.
  • The user or client can download their invoices.


  • Tax field is not customizable on the bill.
  • Client sorting option is unavailable.
  • Once clicked on ‘paid’; cannot be undone.
  • Searches only based on invoice numbers.

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A hassle free invoice tool with fast and relevant features make it an easy go tool for invoice accounting. The secure and instant payments solutions are present for reliable communication.

For more details, please visit TwoCards website.

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