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Monday , June 24 2024

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DataSift- Path of Success

DataSift-Path-of-SuccessDataSift is a platform that works on human-generated data from blogs, social networks, etc. It allows to capture safely and securely, analyse and acts on data generated. It empowers the agencies and developers to support several applications with their big data so that they can put all their focus on apps.

Business Achievement

DataSift with its team of engineers built a platform with robust data processing capacity to process real-time unstructured data and reduce noise by normalizing. This technology is not only innovative and unique but also a source of data. The daily use of this technology gives a lot of sales and marketing metrics.

Company’s Reach and plans

The company has signed over more than 1,000 corporate customers in 40 countries. It expanded in three countries from 20 to 150 employees. The company has raised more than $77 million investor capital. The technology has been developed since it started. The company closed around $7.2 million Series A round. At the end of 2013, the company secured around $42 million Series C round. Having the company IPOed is one that would be more profitable to the enterprise.

Technology in Business

The company invented Curated Stream Definition Language (CSDL), a proprietary programming language of the company, has made a big difference. The application enables the users to filter through millions of like, comments, posts and metadata from the social media.

Growth Challenges

Nick Halstead, the founder of DataSift, says that the company faced challenges in scaling operations, be it marketing funding, sale or HR. And this becomes more complicated as the business grows. Nick says that social networks will be more persuasive in the future. The market in the future will consolidate. The companies will heavily rely on the data from the social networks.

Personal Growth

Nick personally owns a TVR Chimaera, which is a custom build. It has been supercharged and designed for the track. He uses Sunrise, a calendar app that helps him in scheduling his task.

Beliefs of Nick

  • He believes that often what one thinks that blessing often comes in the disguise of the mistake.
  • He believes that to be successful; the new entrepreneurs should learn to tell a story.
  • He thinks that the only thing that matters the most is to become a leader and know the strengths and weakness. This quality allows the manager to focus on making the best use of all the resources and utilities.
  • He is not a big fan of business books. War books fascinate him more as he thinks that as these books enlighten and focusses on strategies and leadership.

About ToOLOwl

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