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Monday , June 24 2024

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Lessons To Be Learned From Boxuno

Lessons-To-Be-Learned-From-BoxunoBoxuno was a startup product that was developed by a team of two Google employees. Ross Williams was a software developer at Google. He had joined the esteemed company right after he did his college. After having an experience in the field of coding, he and one of his friends, who was also a software developer, made plans to leave their jobs and started their company developing their product.

Despite their hopes were high and with a little experience of 2.5 years in the development field, both of them started working on their project. Despite all the efforts, hard work and time invested into the project, Boxuno did not enjoy much success. Here are some of the lessons, that both of the developers learned from this experience.

Do not under-appreciate other roles from your old company

Ross says that Sales and Marketing are as important for a product as developing it to be perfect. If you have an okay product the project will run fine on an extensive marketing and distribution, but if your product is an awesome one it will not work if you lack a comprehensive marketing capability.

Therefore, every part and activity of the project development is equally important, and Sales and Marketing activities should never be taking for granted.

Most of the technicians who have been doing the coding stuff to develop their product assume that they can quit their jobs and spend their entire day in coding, not bothering about raising money, sales, and marketing, cutting deals, cold calling, etc.

But this is not the way in which things work out for business. In fact, there are other things as well that are as important as developing a superb product.

Money is Important

Often people in a regular job, like Ross who joined Google right after his college earned a fair amount of money and received a fixed and healthy amount of salary on a regular basis, took money for granted. As a Google employee, Ross was living a single life with a few expenses and salary.

But once, he quit his job and started living off his savings; he began to appreciate how important it is to have money. Ross also realizes how difficult it can get for an entrepreneur to start a company with savings in hand and also supporting a family.

Team Composition is Important

Product always needs someone who could work on the business process. The product can always touch the success point if it satisfies the compelling business strategy. The product will always need one team to carry out all the coding stuff, while the other for worries about funds, marketing and driving customers who will pay for the product.

Try to Build a Solution

One of the best advice is, entrepreneurs should not focus on developing an expert product. Instead, the product should be able to solve someone’s problems or difficulties. A product like this will serve purposes such as:

  • You have an absolute idea of what the customers require. By this, you get a sense of what are the requirements for the product.
  • If your product solves an issue for the market, the product up, and you will get positive feedback for all your work.
  • Making money is one of the most extreme forms of positive feedback.

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Do not Let your Startup Rule your Self Esteem

A lot of people gain their identity and self-esteem by the jobs they do. People are always proud of the jobs they do if they achieve success and wealth through it. But if people move from large enterprises to the startups, they may face difficulties as not all people are best. In such cases, the business experts say that- people should not put all their eggs always in the same basket. It is important to make sure you have other things in your life that make you happy and define your identity.

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