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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Top website designing Tools Product Review- Layup

technology-tools-product-review-layupLayup is a website designing tool that allows the users to design a website. It developers of the tool believe that the designers need not be the developer to create any website. The tool helps creative people to develop websites without having any developer knowledge. It incorporates basic options like other designing tools.

It provides the users the opportunity to earn unlimited money by hosting quickly. With a single tool, the users can work on websites, digital magazines, articles or portfolios. The tool allows creating adaptive web design with pro design tool, Amazon hosting, collaborating teams, domain mapping, and Google analytics. The content set up on the tool works in all modern browsers.

Editions and Pricing

The pricing plans are free and easy.

Plan Price Features
Free Free
  • 1 free project
  • One open layup domain
Basic $14
  • 1 Custom domain
  • 10 Projects
  • Support
Enterprise Contact Team
  • Unlimited projects and domains
  • Support
  • Print function
  • Google Analytics
Add-Ons (for Basic) $2
  • Analytics
  • Sub Domains
  • Projects

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_layup_new_projectCreate Project
The users can create the project under the Projects option. The project can be designed for self or group. The project can be edited, published and, shred, hosted, cloned, and also the analytics of the site can be viewed.



product_review_layup_add_filesAdd Files
The users can add files to their projects. These data can be shared, renamed or deleted after uploading. If the users have a bunch of files in the folder to be added, they can upload the whole folder to the tool.



The widget pane on the left side of the Editor helps the users to add frame, text, images, videos, slides, shapes and social networking links like facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest.



On the right side of the editor, several options allow the users to perform several options on the page. It allows the user to manage device settings, alignment, transformation, actions, text properties, background and the layers.



product_review_layup_page_optionsPage Options
The page options allow the users to publish, zoom and add page. It also allows the preview and overview options.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool does not have any mobile app, but the tool can be still used on mobile browsers.


The tool integrates with Google Analytics and does not integrate with any other tools or applications. It allows the users to add hyperlinks in their projects.


The tool provides support with live chat but soon features like examples and tutorials will be introduced.

Pros and Cons of Layup


  • Easy to create websites.
  • Easy to publish and host.


  • The dashboard looks clustered.

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Allowing the designers to create the website without having any development knowledge is what makes the tool different from other. The interactive editor is similar to other design tools and thus the new users can quickly adapt to the tool.

For more details, please visit Layup website.

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