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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Hypertrack Tracking ecommerce Business like a Pro

hypertrack-tracking-ecommerce-business-like-a-proHypertrack is an application that every business that deals in product delivery or on-the-way services may need. Delivering about 100K tasks a day, this company have been climbing the success path constantly.

Co- founded by Kashyap Deorah and Tapan Pandita who together have been working on other startups as well- laid the seeds of Hypertrack. The idea of Hypertrack emerged with the need of services that are in demand and that lack tracking facility. Before Hypertrack, the only thing that can be tracked was Uber. This made the team think what if people need other things to be tracked too- such as, the pizza they ordered, or family on the way home just like an Uber cab.


This raised the project Hypertrack in October 2015 with the aim to track business or people in real time. The startup has been in private beta since February 2016 with headquarters in San Francisco, they have been serving people globally. The startup, thus allows any business to sign up for its services anywhere in the world.

Hypertrack is Simple

The application is extremely simple to integrate and use with the Business apps. The Hypertrack’s SDK can be plugged in with the business apps and it takes only an hour to integrate. The Hypertrack dashboard lets people too easily analyze time and performance, monitor the workforce, see all the live orders on the dashboard, ultimately offering a better end- customer experience.

Just like tracking the Uber cab, customers can track a plumber they called, food they ordered or any other e-commerce deliveries with an accurate ETA’s. Through this feature, a business also gets to replay trips to see what went wrong and where. This helps to deal better with the customers improving customer experiences. This also improves better resource utilization and analyzing opportunities from the heat maps.

Tracking 100K Tasks a Day

Since February 2015, Hypertrack has been into private beta and have been blogging about its business since a while. And this grabbed the attention of many businesses who showed interest in Hypertrack. Out of many interest and requests the startup received, about 50 were shortlisted and now about 20 of them are active customers. These customers now represent total tasks of about 100K trackings on a daily basis.

Hypertrack monetizes by charging for each task. The team charges about 4 cents per task. The product also offers first 10,000 tasks free of charges for the first time customers. And as far as funding is considered Kashyap and Tapan, jointly seeded the company with their personal funds. Meanwhile, they gained their mentors and advisors from the Silicon Valley on board this year. The team also managed to attract Abhishek Poddar from Google as the head of product having an experience with Goggle for three years.

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Selling It to developers not the Businesses

Businesses that needs tracking feature into their operations and which uses mobile apps for their businesses activities. Such products either build their tracking system in-house or use enterprise SaaS solutions. Building this feature in-house may consume a lot of time, energy as well as resources. Also, this can drift the core business development activity towards the improvising the tracking system. To take things simple in such cases, Hypertrack serves this purpose making things simpler and enabling businesses to track their business activities better.

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