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Monday , April 15 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Quuu

marketing-tools-product-review-quuuQuuu is a third party tool that schedules content for social media. Based on the interest of the users the tool randomly posts articles from all around the internet on the social media profile of the user.  Most of the time the tool posts its articles.

It allows the users to choose a few interests or categories of the content and then the content is collected and curated. The content is handpicked from the selected categories and posted on the social media profile. To avoid random posts on the social media, the tool also sends review emails to the paid users.


Editions and Pricing

The application has two versions for hand-curated content. One id free and the other is payable.

Editions Pricing Features
Free forever
  • Hand curated content
  • Up to 2 posts per day
  • Earn more by referring friends
  • Up to 5 interest categories
Priced $10 per month
  • Hand curated content
  • Up to 10 posts per day
  • Unlimited interest categories
  • Quuu Daily Review Email

The promotion charges on Quuu are based on the time in Quuu, and so the shares are unlimited. There are three types of pricing.

Category Pricing Reach
Tier 1 Categories $5 5,000+ Reach
Tier 2 Categories $15 25,000+ Reach
Tier 3 Categories $25 75,000+ Reach

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Home is the first page where the user lands after registration. The schedule posts appear on the home page.




The tool shows a list of categories to be selected. The articles related to the selected groups are available on the social media profile of the user. There are currently 275 groups.



The users can select the number of posts per schedule, email address and choose the social networking sites to post the content.



Mobile Accessibility

The application does not have any mobile app, but the tool can be used on mobile browsers.


The tool integrates with a scheduling tool, Buffer to plan to post the content to social media. It integrates with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google plus pages.


The tool provides support for knowledge base, live chat or blog. The users can follow Quuu on Twitter also contact them via mail.

Pros and Cons of Quuu


  • A user can post the contents automatically.
  • You can select the number for posts that you want to schedule.


  • The user needs to have Buffer.
  • There is no free trial for promotion.


The tool allows the users to post articles related to the selected categories automatically. This keeps the social network profiles of the client active so that the customer need not worry regular posting.

For more details, please visit Quuu website.

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