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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Best Business intelligence software product review- UnityReports

bi-tools-product-review-unity-reportsWhen you run a business online, you need to handle various reports on your business. Especially when you try to find out the overall performance of the products, website, and campaigns, you think of new investments such as recruitment and data sources. Undeniably, reports are the crucial part of any business that helps to discover customers’ interests as well as to make decisions.

Ecommerce website performance needs to be analyzed to get more insights and to grow independently. UnityReports is one of the best business intelligence software also web-based tool that provides a variety of insightful reports for e-commerce business use. The best thing about the tool is that it is customizable and integrates all the reports on one platform.

Editions and Pricing

UnityReports has three versions- Startup, Premium, and Enterprise. The Startup edition costs 39€/mo (when paid annually) for less than 250 orders, and the Premium version costs 89€/mo (when paid annually) for less than 1000 orders per month. The Enterprise edition is for unlimited monthly orders, and you need to contact vendors for pricing. It provides a 14-day free trial and facility to pay monthly.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_unityreports_customizable_dashboardCustomizable Dashboard
The tool facilitates a customizable dashboard that you can categorize by sales, customers, and catalog. The best thing is that you can select reports you want to see and add content using drag and drop facility.



product_review_unityreports_daily_reportsDaily reports
With daily reports, you can see the data that are the most valued for you. The tool provides facility to give an overview of all the insightful reports such as map, orders, new customers and activity since last few days.



Sales report lets you see the overview of revenue, orders, and conversion rate. Also, the tool allows you to see reports about acquisition, returns, and abandonments of customers over several channels.



The specification provides an impressive facility for product insights. You can see the number of visits of customers and the conversion rate along with the images of products, which seems flawless. The tool provides more insights into the options such as goods and categories.



The customer’s section allows you to see all the activities of customers, whether they are returning or they are using coupons. The tool offers demographics and cohort analysis.




Mobile Accessibility

The tool does not offer mobile apps currently, but it is accessible for mobile browsing.


The tool integrates with Google AdWords and Google Analytics.


The tool provides support via online live chat and Email. The best thing is that it keeps you updated with new features.

Pros and Cons of UnityReports


  • Pricing depends on the number of orders, instead of the number of reports.
  • The segmentation feature allows creating segment to see reports of the customers by their age, gender or country.
  • The tool lets you track the visitors to the e-commerce website.


  • Costly for startups and small business.
  • Nonavailability of knowledge base or guide for support.

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UnityReports differentiates itself from other tools by many factors and features. The tool offers various reports for e-commerce websites. It can be used to measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of the website and to produce insightful reports about sales, catalog, and customers. It analyzes revenue, placed orders, the source of clients, returning customers, bounce rate, etc. The stand out features of the tool are the segmentation and customizable dashboard.

For more details, please visit UnityReports website.

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