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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Blazemetrics

project-management-tools-product-review-blazemetricsBuilt on a Github API, blazemetrics is a project management application that helps you manage projects efficiently. The application is explicitly designed for startups and agencies helping them track the project progress, performance and cost metrics.

Blazemetrics helps you quickly analyze and optimize your project returns giving you insights about the overall status of the project, which ultimately leads you to make better and informed business decisions and maximize profit.


Editions and Pricing

The Editions and pricing details for the application are:

Free 1 free project forever
Paid $15 per month, unlimited projects

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Managing projects is the primary motive behind this application. The dashboard provides quick access to the projects associated with the account. You can create the repository, add collaborators, time track your projects and manage your account through this platform.



blazemetrics-CollaboratorsAdd Collaborators
Working on a project, it always needs a team of people to work in together. The tool lets you add partners and it also allows you to set an hourly fee for their time. You can also update your rates and delete speed profiles right inside the application directly from the list of collaborators provided in the account.



blazemetrics-BudgetAndDueDateBudgets and Due Dates
The application lets you divide the project into phases and then each period can be assigned a budget. You can track planned cost vs. actual value through this feature. Additionally, each step can be allocated starting and ending dates to track how much percent of phase has been completed.


blazemetrics-TimeTrackingTrack Time for your Projects
You can easily track time on each task using the tool’s handy chrome extension for Github. You can edit or toggle timer or avail a new issue for time tracking for a particular project, task or a phase of the project.



Metrics and Reporting
The application follows the full project with its history in real time. The drag and drop filters require detailed project data within seconds. Many dashboards are dedicated here to measure some figures and metrics. They’re:

blazemetrics-ProjectPerformanceDashboardProject Performance Dashboard
This panel calculates both current and forecasted costs in seconds and helps to determine whether the team is completing enough work to meet the deadlines and intended budgets.



blazemetrics-CostPerformanceDashboardPrice Performance Dashboard
This feature lets you filter project expenses by milestone, release, date range or features. The drag and drop filtering elements take seconds to drill down and identify the cost of each task in the project.



blazemetrics-SchedulePerformanceDashboardSchedule Performance Dashboard
You can set milestones for the projects to track their schedules. The program can also be followed by feature, release or date range to track the progress of the project.



blazemetrics-ScopePerformanceDashboardScope Performance Dashboard
This dashboard helps you determine the extent and the amount of task that is completed. It quickly lets you know what are the tasks remaining for a project and who is working on that task. A date range filter or milestone filter helps you track full project history.

Mobile Accessibility

The tool is unavailable for mobile platform on Android and iOS devices, however, can be accessed via the mobile web.


The application does not integrate with any other platform presently.

Pros and Cons of Blazemetrics


  • Quick and detailed insights about project.
  • Efficient detail metrics helps to track progress easily.
  • Drag and drop option makes it easier and quick to derive detail information and visual charts about project aspects- development, performance and budget related.
  • The application is highly profitable.


  • On Chat option- An in-project chat option to let the team collaborate within the context can be a value addition.


  • Detailed project history can be retrieved.
  • Drag and drop features make it easier to use.
  • Filters make data retrieval convenient and customized.

For more details, please visit blazemetrics website .

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