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Monday , June 24 2024

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32Dayz moves towards success progressing your product everyday

Story-of-32Dayz-a-startupOnce any company grows with time, the operations are needed to be scaled and business processes are needed to be optimized. Tasks and time tracking is one of the basic and important aspects when a business moves upwards in the growth chart. As the business expands, the company faces challenges regarding assignment of tasks, scheduling meetings, circulating important messages or mails and carrying out any or every task in an office workflow.

The tool 32Days was therefore developed by the HumanoIT Group, which is an UX and usability agency, intended to meet these challenges in a firm. The product was initially developed for internal use only. As the team continued to grow, the organization continued to face communication issues. Not all employees were kept well informed as necessary information failed to reach the team when it was needed. The employees even didn’t receive consistent messages from the management, furthermore, the employees themselves didn’t share information with each other and also with the management.

This was the reason, the team came up with the idea of developing an additional feature called the Activity Feed, which efficiently resolved these problems. With a little bit of additional efforts, communication became much easier. Today 32Dayz proudly governs motivation, discipline and communication within the company. 32 Dayz has developed to be a mission-critical product. The company proudly offers 32Dayz to other companies believing that through this product, tasks and communication will become much more organized.

How it works

The tools helps you monitor your products and projects. All you need is just log in your work with the tool. The tool efficiently gets involved with your tasks and will help you organize your work in a more friendly and easy manner.

Track time spent on tasks and projects
The tool helps you to track time spent for a particular task and projects helping you better manage your workflow. This way you can decide and meet the deadlines on time so that you can make plans for the future projects that can be taken in hand.

Make company-wide announcements and discuss them
The tool offers functionalities for the employees to make announcements and pass on messages to the team members and also across different management levels so that information flows flawlessly across all levels and everyone stays on the same page.

Export reports into PDF, Excel
Not only the tool helps to track projects, it also helps employees and managers to monitor reports across projects. The tool has capabilities where you can easily export reports in to PDF, Excel and CSV file formats.

Keep Track of Vacations and Days off
Employee vacations and days off is something that cannot be ignored, keeping this in mind, the tool helps employees to track vacations and days off to better manage workflow.

Change work schedule keeping colleagues informed
Change in schedule is something very common during the workflow, but becomes challenging when the information about the changes schedule is not communicated properly across relevant team members.

Gather insights into employee time, projects, departments and tags
The tool efficiently helps you to dig down time schedules, employee’s work schedule and capabilities for a task, time required for a specific task and tracks projects and tags across departments to help management take informed and appropriate business decisions.

The Bottom Line

With all these powerful capabilities, the tool targets to meet the mission of the HumanoIT Group of increasing human power with the support of technology.

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