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Monday , June 24 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Teamily

Project-Management-tools-Product Review-TeamilyTeam support is the best weapon to reach any destination, any target. Only teamwork leads a motive till the finish line. For any project in an organization, the involvement of team and their views are critical for better focus on every aspect of the project. With Teamily, understand projects fast and finish them faster.

Teamily is a tool that helps you to manage the projects and endeavors along with the team. It incorporates teammates opinions to get general suggestions, approvals or rejections. It also helps to make projects public or private and accessible for all the project members and decide the best driver for a task to reach completion of a project.

Editions and Pricing

Plan Price Features
Personal Free
  • Unlimited Public Projects
  • Personal Profile
  • Invite members
Business €10/active member/ month
  • Personal features+
  • Set projects to private

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Teamily_Team_CommunicationTeam Communication
The app has a bot, which navigates the team through their projects and shows information on a centralized area known as Messages. This area is public and accessible to each team member where from they can communicate to each other along with the updates. The interface also manages activities done on all project under a single account.


Teamily_Project_DriverProject Driver
The driver is the one in Teamily, that drives a project ahead, make input into it and is responsible for a task. Amongst the teammates, choose the best person for a accomplishing a task and lead the project with faster speed and better results. Each involved team member can become driver by own and are not allowed to allot.



Teamily_Personal_ProfilePersonal Profile
Teamily manages profile for every project member. One can quickly inspect other’s profile within a team. It also tracks which person has done what and how much work. Based on completed challenges you can assign task suitable to the member.



Teamily_Voting_ApprovalVoting Approval
On each phase of the project, the driver can share his idea or strategy to complete the task. The other members can see it and think about it personally can vote for it. In the end, majority voters approved idea helps the driver to complete the challenge.



Teamily_Project_IndicationProject Indication
Teamily includes 16 challenges to complete a project. A responsible driver brings a solution for each problem sharing with other team members. Completion of a challenge will take the team to the next one and correspondingly a progression scale is maintained in the app.


Mobile Accessibility

The app does not have any mobile app but is accessible via the mobile web.


Teamily does not offer integration with any other app.


The app provides FAQs for support. Other options are call support and email support.

Pros and Cons of Teamily


  • Enable option for live desktop notifications.
  • The app does page loading fast.
  • Any project asset to private or public, anytime.


  • Different Notification tab is not present.
  • The user cannot see approval details.
  • The app does not check for already members.
  • No allowance of attachments is there.


Teamily app works by involving each team member of a project. It takes the opinion of everyone and most importantly, counts participation and vote from every teammate in the project win.

For more details, please visit Teamily site.

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