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Monday , June 24 2024

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Manage Your Field Work with Zybo’s Trackbizz

Manage-Your-Field-Work-with-Zybo’s-TrackbizzZybo Tracking Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a company, which focuses on the sales and service management efficiently. It is a solution provider firm that delivers software solutions across multiple sectors for field force management.

It runs Trackbizz,one of the best project management tool or an app, which acts as an automation system regarding the field strength of the office. This cost effective application enables the managers in tracking their field force along with real-time management of the field activities.

The Beginning

Sunil Johny founded the firm in April 2014, headquartered in Koichi. Trackbizz caters the functionalities for employee collaboration and tracking. The app based on the mobile technologies and advanced cloud submits low-cost service with high productivity for achieving the organizational goals. The ideal industry sizes include SMBs with sales officer, service engineers, and other field executives as users.

 The app allows you to import advanced technology solutions for receiving the real-time data and responding to data-driven decisions. It is currently available for Android OS. The application allows you to track your team with complete overview. This real-time information is valuable and helpful to route towards improved productivity. The app is useful in reducing TAT, optimizing the business costs, getting digitalized business data, optimizing the layout plans, promoting data-driven decisions, and others.


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Funds Raised

The firm has acquired foreign equity investment from a Netherlands-based organization, Grasshoppers. With the enclosed funding amount, Zybo will use this investment towards the development and marketing of Trackbizz. Other significant investors in the business include incubation center of KSIDC (Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation) and Saintgits Institute of Management (SIM), Kottayam.

The Bottom Line

The client list of Trackbizz entails Semilon, Epson, Best o fine, SatBions, and Mangalam. The powerful features of the app from the firm, Zybo preambles 25 percent raise in the business revenue and 30 percent increase in employee productivity. Some of the significant characters of the app from Zybo firm are analytics, remote attendance, expense tracking, location tracking, customer profile, work reports, and many other features.

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