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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Top 3 SEO Small Business Tools

Top-3-SEO-Tools-for-Small-BusinessSmall and medium businesses are using a number of small business SEO tools these days to carry out their SEO activities. These tools are not only efficient but also perfectly fit into the budgets of small and medium business owners. Here is a list of top 3 SEO tools for small businesses.

Google Analytics

This is one of the dominant tools used in the marketplace today. The tools offer detailed analytics about the traffic on your website. The tool is powerful enough to study your audience’s demography and locations from which people are accessing your site. The tool is also capable enough to trace the areas that are attracting most of the people and the areas that need further improvements. Google Analytics is probably the best tool and an all-time favorite for marketing professionals.


  • Free tool
  • Flexible for all digital environments such as mobile apps, websites, kiosks, or anything with an internet connection.
  • Google Analytics account and AdWord accounts can be connected.
  • Features to create custom goals and track e-commerce


  • It takes a little time to learn all the details. The problem with this is, the information available might be confusing or overwhelming.
  • The paid version of this tool is too expensive. Although the free version suits almost everyone and is ideal for medium traffic, the paid version costs an enormous amount of $1, 50, 00.


Moz is one of the greatest SEO tools. The application has its great toolkit, its community, and a resource center. The tool uses both basic and advanced research tools to help you in your search engine optimization activities. The application offers keyword research tools and an SEO keyword generator. Additionally, Moz offers a robust link analysis that provides detailed information about your link quality and inbound links.


  • A comprehensive SEO toolkit with a highly impressive set of tools that helps you track your rank, run an audit, measure your search visibility and much more.
  • To assist professionals to master the tool, interactive video tutorials are available.


  • The features available for the tool can be difficult to understand for the beginners and even daunt experienced users.
  • A low number of keywords allowed for tracking per campaign.

SEO Quake

This is a browser plugin that detects the SEO based metrics or other helpful insides of the analysis websites. The application is developed by SEMrush which is one of the biggest companies that works for SEO tools and services. The tool helps professionals to implement SEO audio for any website in seconds. Professionals can thus listen to all the important metrics that need consideration to analyses the next big steps that needs to be taken.


  • Presence of the page info feature that allows you to see every metric that matters about any page of your website.
  • The application provides complete information about Semrush rank, indexed pages, backlinks, etc.
  • The Off button is one of the most powerful features of SEOquake. The on and off option for each page shows metrics as required.


  • Backlink metrics and backlink analytic capabilities is something the tool lacks. This keeps you away from the knowledge of your competitors.
  • An SEO audit is available to export.


You always need to be knowledgeable about the performance of your business, especially when most of the prospects come from an online medium. These tools are greatly helping small businesses to rise in the market by keeping them informed about the market trends, the gap areas, and the new opportunities.

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