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Friday , May 24 2024

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Top 3 virtual reality gadgets of the Future

Top-3-virtual-reality-gadgets-of-the-FutureVirtual Reality gadgets have definitely started a wave of creativity as tech engineers across the world are now scratching their brains to come up with new technologies and devices that will make Virtual Reality even more engaging and immersive. Not only the scope is limited to headsets, but also a number of other gadgets are now grabbing attention in the vibrant field of Virtual reality. Here are some of the top devices that impressed us:

Virtuix Omni

It adds a lot when you have a great headset and you could actually move around. This was the idea with Virtuix when they created the virtual reality interface that allows you to move around freely in a game.

The VR devise allows you to stand up and use your own feet to walk and run around during the session, and this indeed is a completely new experience. The Omni is now available for pre-order after its successful Kickstarter campaign.


Glyph is one of the most mesmerizing VR headsets in the market. The device offers a compelling visual experience with high quality audio. Additionally it looks really good, that good, like something you could wear in public without feeling too weird. The Glyph headphones are noise cancelling and the device has great display and a built-in mic. The devise is in Beta Development and let’s hope it reaches into the big market soon for everyone.


This is a full-body flight simulator designed to make you experience like you are flying like a bird. This devise works efficiently with Oculus Rift. The devise actually allows user to pump both the wings with a little effort, but in order to feel the resistance of the wind, by the way of a fan and of the wings as the pistons offers some resistance. To have a flying experience with Birdly, you need to put on the VR headset and lay on your stomach on a motion table platform. You then stretch your arm out and place palms on flat plates and the fan which is mounted in the front blows air in the correct angles to provide even greater sense of flight.

The Bottom Line

These trending and highly advanced Virtual Reality gadgets can not only change the world of computer games, but also can prove major game changers in the field of simulators. By simulators we mean, training and preparing defense forces for special conditions, pilot trainings and even marine and space travel trainings.

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