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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Why Are The Businesses Moving Towards Cloud More Than Ever Before

As per Gartner, by the year 2025, 85% of the companies will have a cloud-first platform. The reason is, Cloud platform has the capacity to slash the IT costs for the businesses. Moreover, the cloud gives more flexibility to its users and increases overall efficiency. The cloud tools have also helped the business to adjust themselves as per the COVID 19 pandemic situations of work culture.

Shifting to the cloud platform is one of the biggest trends in the industries over the past few years. When it used to be the norm for the business to own and operate their dedicated data centres, the number of business software that is running over the traditional servers are set to shrink up to 32% among all the enterprise applications by the year 2022, which was roughly half than it was in the year 2019.

Moving to the Cloud

Some of the industry experts also suggest that using the cloud have become necessary in order to stay competitive. However, the question is, when do we expect the entire industry will be moving to the cloud platform.

Cloud Benefits

Moving to the cloud can add several benefits to your business. One of the most significant is cut down on IT costs. Also, the cloud platform adds more flexibility, efficiency, performance, security and adds the potential for innovation. The platform also helps in the development of new capabilities.

Why Businesses are shifting to the Cloud

The primary reason behind the shift from the traditional method to advanced technology is the ease in scalability. Cloud is capable of increasing or decreasing resources as per the demands of your business.

Similarly, businesses that embrace the cloud are able to find benefits in innovations such as the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform also helps to achieve operational excellence and overall efficiency in business operations.

For instance, American Airlines says that integrating the backend system with the cloud improved the overall customer experience. The company was able to give people an added control over the rescheduled flights. At the same time, Capital One says that shifting the entire business over the cloud allowed it to save money and increased the security of the products.

Case studies such as these have been inspiring other businesses to make a leap to the cloud platform. It is believed that as much as 85% of the enterprises will adopt a cloud-first principle by the year 2025. The major aim is to free up the IT resources and deliver the highest level of business value, making the best use of the cloud.

Pandemic accelerating the use of Cloud    

As the entire world went into lockdown, and all the offices were closed, the adoption of the cloud platform increased significantly. As per a Gartner survey, it was found that almost 70% of the organizations that have been using cloud services are planning to increase their cloud spending in the wake of the pandemic.

The shaking economy and the presence of the COVID 19 brought a lot of focus towards the business priorities that needed to be changed. The business is expected to move on to the digital platform, which will enable a company to respond quickly and efficiently as per the changing circumstances. The digital shift has also forced the companies to take a bigger focus on more efficient business fundamentals in order to reduce costs in some of the toughest financial times.

Viable Business

The cloud platform has also enabled businesses to stay more viable and online. This enabled them to be more connected to the customers as well as partners.

Overall, the cloud platform is expected to give a new platform to the business making them completely digital. Digital transformation and cloud adoption are certainly going to be the new normal.

SourceBusiness Insider

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