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Monday , April 15 2024

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Accounting Tools Product Review- Billy


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Billy is a cloud-based accounting software that lets a user create and handle invoices and bills. The tool provides advanced features to the entrepreneurs, managing their business accounts.

It allows you to add paid options including quotes and estimates, custom invoices, recurring invoices, and much more. Irrespective of the sector your company works for, this solution is available and useful for anybody and everybody, from a saloon account management to solving business’s financial purposes.

Editions and Pricing

Plan Pricing
Basic Free
Premium $29/month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

You will find that the creation of invoices is very easy and quick with primary inputs and advanced functionality. You can save it as a draft, can print instantly, or save it for later use. There will come the beautiful invoices when you approve it. Seeing the preview, you can further make the decision to edit it or go for payment.

Along with the preview, you can track the status of the invoice and a concerned activity timeline. There is a repository with many options you can utilize to mold it your invoice settings.

Bills are an essential asset in business, so as their management. Billy allows you to create your invoices in an easy way where you can set vendors settings. You can upload receipts or attachments. Moreover, drag and drag feature will help you for fast uploading. Create your bills consuming any currency with relevant expense category.

Billy shows the critical report regarding your contacts so far. Apparently receive the important figures you need to know relevant to your contact accounts, your paid money, unpaid money, and responsible vendor’s details.

Import contact list and export it to different formats including PDF, HTML, CSV, or Excel. For any of your concerned contact, you can export reports of VAT returns, Profit and Loss Statement, Balance sheet, and trial balance.

Manage everything from one place in Billy. The setting section is enriched with all the features of the app so that you can make changes anytime for any entity. You can create variations in the default email template, payment methods, organization settings, and much more.

Moreover, experiment with the look of the framework, select imperative language, and notification settings as per your preference.

Mobile Accessibility

Billy app is present as a mobile app for mobile accessibility.


The app does not allow integration with any other app.


The support system by the app offers support center, online support, phone support, and email support.

Pros and Cons of Billy


  • Invoice timeline maintains precise activity vision about everything.
  • Attach pdf or images to invoices.
  • Recurring invoices.
  • Advanced features include journals, trial balance, transactions, and others.
  • Multi-currency with two available languages.


  • It does not offer an option for deleting the invoice and bill entries.
  • Might not as useful for the big enterprises.
  • Lack of inventory management.


Billy’s simplicity with original features is a notable point for considering its functionality. You can find everything associated with your invoices and bills in Billy.

For more details, please visit Billy website.

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