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Friday , April 12 2024

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Best Accounting Tools Product Review- Strung

Accounting-Tools-Product-review-StrungManaging projects in an organization is one the most important aspects for a business to deal with. The business processes works more smoothly if every task and assignment is properly tracked, assigned to a proper team and set with the deadlines. Managing all these tasks can be difficult and full of hassles manually.

Many firms adopted this manual method and found it difficult to manage projects, teams and meet deadlines, also missing important messages and details in between. Thus, every business or organization needs a proper and efficient Project Management tool that relieves its employees and teams on manually arranging for things making the business workflow simpler.

Strung is one of the best accounting tool for small medium business or startups effective solution for Project management tasks. The tool takes care of business workflow efficiently managing all business tasks a company deals with.

Editions and Pricing

The product is available in four versions:

Solo: £6/month for 1 user

Trio: £15/month for 3 users

Regular: £40/month for 10 users

Enterprise: £99/month for 30 users

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Strung_dashboardThe Strung Dashboard
The tool has an intuitive dashboard that shows your current tasks, latest projects, latest quotes, reports, team reports, with timer and manual adjustments.



Quotes is the section of the tool that keeps you updated on the status of all your drafts, sent and closed quotes.



Projects is a section in the tool that keeps a list of all the projects with details such as Name of clients, date created and progress made till date.



Once you have created your tasks, the tool displays them all in the Tasks section from the top panel. You are able to see all the tasks you created and even filter them out by selecting projects and clients. The section also has options for live and completed tasks. You can always view status for accomplished and live projects with details.


Time is one of the other powerful feature of this tool. The panel shows a list of all the projects with its disciplines and estimated time it is going to take to be completed to meet the deadlines.


Strung_time2The section also has capabilities to display projects according to days as well as weeks.



Invoices are something that cannot be ignored when the business deals with financial matters. The tool has special capabilities to create and display all the invoices that any or every project deals with. The invoice section has capabilities to record and keep a track of all the invoices for the business.



Strung also allows you to create and manage expense details for every and any project your business deals with. You can easily manage and view the expenses for your projects by selecting the expense option from the top panel of the tool.


Mobile Accessibility

The tool currently does not have a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS devices but this tool can always be accessible to the user via mobile web.


The Strung team is eager to hear from its active users through a feedback form. Users who wants to have changes in the tool for its better usability can suggest features or modifications to make it more successful and a preferred tool for time tracking and efficient project management.

Pros and Cons of Strung


  • The tool is highly user friendly with features such as an easy to use Dashboard
  • The tool has almost all capabilities and features that an ideal Project Management tool needs to have.


  • The tool has no immediate help option or support system.
  • The tool does not shows the user menu or settings options for its users.

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The product is easy to use with key differentiators such as:

  • Project Times
  • Invoices, and
  • Quotes

For more details, please visit: Strung website.

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