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Friday , May 24 2024

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3 Content Marketing Tools

3-content-marketing-toolsGone are the days, when content marketing was as simple as writing a letter and was not as vital as products or services. Business owners have not imagined that content marketing aspect will come up at this point of importance. The right content can revolutionize the way business reach audiences, introduce their products or services and maintain relationship with the customers.

There are several platforms where your content should do the job effectively, whether it is your website or social media profiles. To help you out with the right content marketing, here are 3 content marketing tools that will brand your appearance more captivating among your competitors:


ClearVoice is a single platform for all the things you need to do with your content. It allows you to create content with your ideas and plan, distribute it with influencers and measure the created content performance from revisions.

The tool has simple and intuitive workflow that helps creating campaigns and content management. It has integrations with other content management systems like WordPress and facility to optimize the content to get better content quality.


Hubspot acts as a content management system that enables you to market on all the platforms, it has integrations with. The tool offers analytics for inbound marketing. It can be used to create posts or landing pages and to initiate content marketing campaigns. It has message scheduling capabilities that helps you to post across social media platforms.

Lead management, email marketing and calls-to-action are other useful features of the tool that fulfill your requirement for the right content marketing.


If you are looking for a tool that helps you to handle social media profiles, blogging and newsletters, Scoop.it is for you. The tool has tight integrations with other handy marketing tools. It lets you create effective content and measure the content quality. The tool is easy to use for its user-friendly interface and is completely hassle-free.

The tool is best suited to small businesses or small teams of marketing. The smart content calendar, advanced curation and analytics are stand out features of the tool.

The Bottom Line

All of these three tools have exceptional features. ClearVoice is the best for creating content and optimizing, Hubspot is the best for content marketing campaigns and generating leads, and Scoop.it is the best for scheduling and advanced curation. Plan your content to reach targeted audiences and measure or track the visitors on your websites, schedule marketing campaigns, generate leads and convert them into customers. Don’t forget to follow them and give updates about your new products or services.

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