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Sunday , March 3 2024

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Top web Conferencing Tools Product Review- Simple Team Meeting

Conferencing-tools-product-review-simple-team-meetingEvery business, big or small deals with meetings. Meetings are an integral part of any business. Forming meeting agenda, deciding appropriate timings, inviting people and sending the actions after the meetings is something every business goes through.

There are many tools that may help businesses to conduct and maintain the business meetings more efficiently by automating the process. All you need to do here is create your account, formulate a meeting, send invites using only the email address and prepare more efficiently for the meeting. One such tool is Simple Team Meeting, it is one of the best web conferencing tools for conducting meetings and carrying out action plans after the meeting is over.

Editions and pricing

The tool offers a one month free trial to all its users. Other price plans are as under:

Awesome Plan $9 per month 30 days free trial
Business Plan $19 per month 30 days free trial
Unlimited Plan $49 per month 30 days free trial

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

SimpleTeamMeeting-DashboardManage Better Through a Dashboard
Unlike other software tools, Simple Team Meeting, as the term suggest, is a simple method to conduct meetings and collaborate on all its data at a single repository. The dashboard displays a brief about topics of the next meetings with notes and actions related to it, features to add members and add links to the documents.


SimpleTeamMeeting-ScheduleNextMeetingSchedule Next Meeting
The tool lets you quickly schedule next meeting in future. All you need to do is to select the “Schedule Next Meeting” link from the dashboard and fill up the entries. The feature sends an email invite to all the participants you want to invite to the meeting.



SimpleTeamMeeting-AddTeamMembersAdd a Team Member to a Meeting
A meeting always consists of more than two people, therefore, you always need to add members into the team to conduct a meeting. Simple Team Meeting sends invites to people to join in as members via simple email invites.


SimpleTeamMeeting-MyMeetingsMy Meetings Panel
Get a short glimpse of all the meetings created from your account. The panel shows thumbnails of all the meetings with short information about meeting name, organizer, topics and time with options to modify members, meet settings or delete the meeting.


SimpleTeamMeeting-DownloadPDFDownload PDF
What if you want a proper document about the meeting. Well, the tool generates a PDF file containing all the information about the meeting and allows you to download it for documentation.



Additional Features

Other than the basic meeting functionalities, Simple Team Meeting also have some additional features such as:

  • You can move a meeting with all its information to archive for future reference.
  • You can check on date via the in-built calendar.
  • A meeting can be marked as “Revisit Later” for references or modifications, and
  • Meetings can be moved up or moved down for priorities.

Mobile Accessibility

The tool is unavailable on Android and iOS mobile devices. However Simple Team Meeting can be accessed via mobile web.


The tool integrates with Skype for communication.


The tool offers email support to all its users for issue regarding the product. You can also subscribe to its mailing list to stay updated about the product and its services. Once you sign in, the tool also takes you to the product tour for a brief introduction.

Pros and Cons of Simple Team Meeting


  • Simple methods to conduct, organize and take notes about all important meeting of your business.
  • The after meeting action plans can be formulated which are needed to be taken care of.
  • A meeting can be marked as Archive if that is needed for future references.


  • Instant chat facility among the team participants can add value to the product.
  • Mobile accessibility on Android and iOS platforms can be a powerful feature to make it more preferable.

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  • You can keep a record of all the important meetings by saving them as PDF files.
  • Priorities can be decided and meetings can be shifted up or down the priority list.

For more details, please visit: Simple team Meeting website .

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