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Monday , February 26 2024

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3 Best Backup Tools for Gmail and Google Apps

3-Best-backup-tools-for-Gmail-and-Google-appsFor small and midsize business, Google provides apps and SaaS services that are excellent when work. Whether it is Gmail, Google my business or Google apps for work, getting on Google leads your business towards new heights. It is secure and perfectly safe to manage your business data on Google services, even though back up is requisite. Google’s built-in restore facility and Vault app are there to help you, but still they have limitations, you need some tools that can deliver smart backup for your business data.

Error occurring is usual while working on the cloud based services, Google apps are not the exception. Here are the 3 best backup tools for Gmail and Google apps listed below:


Cloudfinder is specifically designed tool for small businesses as it is integrated with many other cloud storage services. The tool allows you to create backup and to keep up with the restore. It offers a free trial for Box, Office 365, and Salesforce and covers all the Google apps such as Gmail, Google drive, Docs and calendar etc.


Spanning is the backup solution from EMC Company, which provides a product as Backup for Google apps. The tool guarantees 100% restore and is featured with automated and on-demand backup. It supports advanced features like email retention policies and status monitoring. The annual pricing starts with $40 per user with free trial.


Backupify is primarily known for social media backup. The tool supports all the Google services and apps. It is very easy to use and offers unlimited storage. The pricing ($3 per user per month) is pocket friendly for small and medium business. The tool has integration with Salesforce as well as Twitter and Facebook.

The Bottom Line

Although your business data on the Google servers are considerably safe, they should be protected against malware or corruption. Hardware crashes are quite rare, but any loss of data can be devastating. Google apps are widely used in businesses, no matter of size, they are scalable and flexible. Any harm to your data management directly affects your business workflow. Use the right backup tool in the way that it can help whenever needed. All of the mentioned backup tools are the best. Let one cloud-based tool take care of other cloud-based services and storage so that your business run smoothly to the exponential growth.

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