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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Conferencing Tools Product Review- Teamtalk


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Meetings nowadays are painful, aren’t they? Especially, when the team members share different locations. With business expansion, the boundaries have been removing and introducing flexible approaches for being connected. In such fast-moving era, Teamtalk can help you establish video meetings to communicate with all the persons irrespective of their locations. The tool does not demand any login or installation. Just name your conferencing room and you are ready to see other members.

It offers various quick and appreciable features for video callings including audio recording, timer, checklist, and screen share. A user can initiate the conferencing and can invite other users by sharing the call link. Moreover, you can end your meeting presence by clicking on the left button.

Teamtalk supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. It is a useful app for quick and simple room conferencing. You are one click away from the video meetings associated to your organization. Make your video-callings productive with Teamtalk.

Editions and Pricing

Currently, the tool offers no specific plans and is free forever.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

teamtalk_screen_shareScreen Share
As the name suggests, this feature allows a user to share screens with other members in the meeting. The application facilitates an extension named as “Teamtalk Screen Sharing” that activates this feature. While conferencing, the users can effortlessly show their screens to the room or can watch others.


teamtalk_audio_recordAudio Record
Important topic or part discussed in the vide-meetings no more need notes. Instead, with the audio record feature of the app, record the audio that you will need in future. Teamtalk’s secure storage will keep the audio, which you can play anytime.


teamtalk_meeting_timerMeeting Timer
Time is precious. Nobody likes to sit over the meetings time. So, timers are available that execute time management for the people in a room. Set timers that will automatically remind you whenever the calling time exceeds. These are helpful for dedicating limited time in a conference.


teamtalk_interactive_checklistInteractive Checklist
Everybody knows how much checklists are useful. They make the work completion and tracking tasks easy. In similar fashion, Teamtalk interface defines checklist so a user can enlist the important points regarding the meeting and make them visible, accessible, and usable for the other room members.


Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the app does not serve on mobile platforms.


Currently, the app does not offer integration with any other app.


A user can contact the team of Repost by filling out a simple form with the message. Additionally, you can connect with them via an email.

Pros and Cons of Teamtalk


  • Audio record facility.
  • Screen sharing option keeps screens visible.
  • Timers for timely meetings.
  • One click invites for conferences.
  • Easy, precise interface.


  • The email dialogue box does not show confirmation regarding audio storage.
  • The time once set, cannot be removed.

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Teamtalk is a quick and easy tool that provides video-meetings, especially, for the corporate people. The amazing features make it a useful application regarding conferencing for productive video-callings.

For more details, please visit Teamtalk website.

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