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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Best Small Business Accounting Software Product Review: Sure Payroll

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Sure, Payroll is a small business accounting software which is staff remuneration service provider for small industries. It provides online payroll activity solutions to its users with additional facilities such as assistance in filing the tax, accounting related help, and other services related to human resource management. Since payroll management is one of the basic necessities for all sorts of business, as organizations have to pay to their employees, make the correct amount of tax deductions, and accordingly get everyone rewarded on time.

Hence Sure Payroll is a reliable payroll supervision method created to rationalize remuneration or payroll system of different organizations. It serves its users with a one click payroll feature that automates the entire payroll management system by forming a reliable, quick, and correct payroll system that saves a lot of time that would have been taken if the this whole procedure was done manually.
This software is well equipped with a variety of tools and competencies, which includes management of tax, upkeep for different other forms of payrolls, and a communicating through a user-friendly dashboard. Apart from processing payrolls, it also empowered with an additional benefit to keeping a systematic record of all the payments made by the organizations, as well as an extensive interlink with the productivity and business apps.

Editions and Pricing

Sure Payroll does offer a free trial service. Apart from that, it also provides paid services that begin at $33.99 per month. However, it does not offer a free version of its respective software. Many other packages are also available. Hence the interested consumers need to contact the concerned sales person to get the required price quotation.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features of Sure Payroll software

Web Portal

The web portal permits the employees to view their present and past pay, W-2 forms, and other salary related information.



Benefits Manager
Permits employees to reply or fill in questions related to assistance and collect data about the benefactors.

Payroll Entry

It permits the administrators to enter the salary of all the employees based on the total hours worked by them.




Recording of Time Off and holidays
The admin can easily record all the holidays and sick or vacation leaves of the employees in a systematic manner.

Direct Deposit

The Direct Deposit feature automatically deposits the pay checks into the employees’ bank accounts.




Tax Deduction

This feature automatically makes the wage deductions for health care plans from the pay checks.



Additional Features of Sure payroll

• Accounting of the salary of all the employees
• Its web portal allows the employees to access the present and previous pay slips
• Helps in filing the tax
• It is also incorporated with a self service portal.
• Assists in keeping a proper track of leave / vacation
• Its help in reporting the payroll
• It also assists in fulfilling all the tax compliance

Pros and cons of the Sure Payroll Software:


• Provides a complete access to its employees to view history, print the copies of payments, and W-2’s.
• Easy to set as all the entry process is fully automated.
• Systematic recording of time offs in terms of hours worked by each employee.
• Automatically deposits pay checks to employee’s account
• It allows the administration to compensate employees in case of business-related expenditures.
• It provides a self service portal to its employees


• Lack of flexibility in terms of pay dates
• Available in only one language, that is English.


• Email support
• Social presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube.

For further details, please visit this website and know more about it.

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