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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Product Review – Payfit


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PayFit is software for payroll and HR management. It is a cloud-based, integrated platform that offers you with the best payroll subcontracting and the use of payroll software, in one solution. The software is an automated solution that will save you time and removes payroll-related mistakes. Also, it will automatically create your employees’ payslips on your selected dates and controls HMRC RTI and pension suggestions on behalf of your company. It further manages the leaves and expenses of the employees as well as management. Employees will get access to their portal to view/download payslips and submit leaves and expenses for approval. It can also handle all pensions and RTI submissions. All pay variables are automatically reflected onto their payslip. The tool also provides support from a dedicated team of payroll experts.
Editions and Versions
PayFit offers a free version to its users so that they come to know how the tool works. It also offers a free trial to the customers. Furthermore, there are three different subscription plans for users. The plan includes the following features:

Basic Run Payroll
  • Automatic payroll run
  • Payslip to employees
Standard Manage Payroll and Expenses • Automatic payroll run
• Payslip to employees
• Fast employee payment
• Expense management
• Validation workflows
Premium Manage Payroll and HR • Automatic payroll run
• Payslip to employees
• Fast employee payment
• Expense management
• Validation workflows
• Onboarding and HR checklist
• Leave management
• Employee directory and organizational chart

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features


The Dashboard will provide information about the company as well as the employees. It will show the number of currents and new employees. You can see gender parity, notifications, calendar, and validation.
Stored Document

The stored document option will display all the stored files, along with employees names and actions. Also, it will provide you option to filter the files. The tool will offer you the option to see the company’s files as well as employee’s files. Other than the documents feature, you will also get the option of pay elements, working time, benefits, pensions, payroll, accounting, team, and company.

Personal Parameters

The personal parameter option will show the primary email address, secondary email address. It will allow you to edit and add an email address, change password, and will offer two-factor authentication for the reliable security of the tool and personal files.


The payslip feature will provide details about the payslip holder. It will include the name and address of the person. Furthermore, it will provide payee information, payment details, and year to year date. You can also download the payslip.

Mobile Accessibility

PayFit is well-designed and works well on any modern browser, and works on Cloud, SaaS, and Web. There is no mobile application made for PayFit. It can be used only through web browsers.


 Online support
 Email support
 Business hours


PayFit currently does not integrates with any other platform.

Pros and Cons of PayFit


• Easy request time off.
• Quickly identify when the team member is unavailable.
• After logging in, there will be no trouble finding everything you need. You can hastily get to your payslips and ask for holidays.
• Provide notifications every time you are about to receive the monthly salary, understand the taxes, and how much time you can use as PTO.
• It saves a lot of time, which people usually spend on excel or other lame shared documents.
• The tool does not integrate with any other software.
• It is only available in a few languages at the moment and is recently supporting only English.
• No option to modify the request is available


Payfit enables businesses to store numerous administrative documents, including driving licenses, P45, payslips, contracts, and more in a unified database for future reference.
For further details, please visit the PayFit Website.

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