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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Best Employee Monitoring software 2022: Interguard

InterGuard is one of the top-performing and best employee monitoring software 2022. It i9ncludesd all the features and tools that a business is looking to track its productivity.

The tool perfectly operates on all kinds of tools and devices. It can also track when all the employees are active and when they are not working. The tool is also able to block all the dangers or any unproductive applications. The best part is the tool offers several security prevention features for its users. The article shares some of the most powerful features, pros and cons, and pricing models for the tool.


InterGuiard offers a one-week free trial. This feature allows its users to try out the tool before they make the final buying decision. After the seven days trial period, you can choose one of the pricing plans, Business Cloud or Enterprise On-Premises.

  1. Business Cloud: This is the tool’s cloud-hosted service. Pricing for this plan starts at $9.99 per user per month for 11 to 25 users. If your business has employees less than 21 in number, or more than 25, you can contact InterGuard to get pricing information for your business.  
  2. Enterprise On-Premises: This plan is managed, hosted, and maintained on your business servers. This plan needs an SQL server and is integrated with your organization’s Active Directory. InterGuard also gives you 24/7 tech support on this plan. You have to contact with InterGiard’s team to avail this plan.


InterGuard has been in the market since 2002. But the tool is improving every day as the industry is changing with time. The tool offers several solutions to record user activity, both off and on the corporate network.

The tool also contributes to improving the ability of the business to mitigate data loss. The tool is able to resurface all the shortcomings and gaps, such as risky keywords and UAM alerts. It is also able to mitigate the needs of remote incident response services that helps the companies to recapture lost files and stolen or lost assets. The tool is even able to lock the devices in the case of device theft.

Track Employee Productivity

The tool allows businesses to monitor system activity in real-time or with the help of screenshots or video playback. The tool also shares reports on how the employees are spending their time. The reports cover all the applications that the employees are using and the activities on which the employees are spending their time. The amount of time spent on each application can be tracked efficiently by the tool. The feature gives a greater insight into how the employees spend their time. All these features work at their best when the business is working with a remote team.

Threat Protection

The tool can help you to limit access to certain programs, websites, email attachments, or USB devices. The tool allows setting alerts that can be triggered by a certain set of keywords, attempting the policy violations, or any other behaviour that is not aligned to the set of defined rules.

The application can even control the remote devices whi9ch are used by the remote employees. The tool can be used to retrieve sensitive files, stolen or deleted assets, and even lock down the device completely.

Investigations and Compliance

The application is a great tool to carry out investigation and compliance audits. If the employee is not following the guidelines, such as spending a lot of business time on the websites they should not, the application can track this and provide the necessary proof to take the required action. All this information is crucial in the case of discrimination or the wrongful termination of the employee. The tool is also able to provide a detailed compliance report for all the businesses that must follow a set of certain regulations, such as PCI and HIPAA.

Website Blocking and Web Filtering

InterGuard shows a detailed web and search activity. It also allows you to block access to a set of websites. The tool also allows its users to create role-based web access policies to make sure that each employee can access the links or the websites that they need to fulfil their roles and responsibilities.

The tool also has Geolocation capabilities. These are useful for all the businesses that have to maintain and manage a fleet of vehicles. This is also a useful feature if the business is operating from multiple locations in a city or at different locations in a country. The tool has the ability to track and monitor office and non-office resources, making it a dynamic provider in this category.

Monitoring User Activity

The tool can efficiently manage the different aspects of the digital activities of your team members. You can track areas such as social media, emails, used applications, instant messaging, print jobs, file transfers, and all the keystrokes. The system is also able to take screenshots of all the employee devices so that you see what exactly the employee is doing with the device. Or, it can be said that the InterGuard uses layered monitoring capabilities, which allows you to monitor, respond, and govern all the activities of the employees so that you can protect your business in a better way.

Pros and Cons

Interguard can be said as one of the top-performing tools to manage remote working employees. But, it also has a fair share of pros and cons, as mentioned below.


  • Simple and timesaving navigation with the help of dropdown menus.
  • The dashboard has pie chart and bar graphs that give a simplified view to review data about which employees are productive and which are not.
  • Smooth cloud SaaS and web-based interfacing.
  • It supports both Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Employee access can be restricted on certain websites.
  • Remote devices can be locked.
  • Deleted or stolen files from remote devices can be retrieved easily.


Initial lack of intuitive discovery. It can take a while for the users to find the right tools for their users.

InterGuiard is an amazing tool to manage remote teams. This can be one of the best way to track employees and overall business operations.

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