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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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ADP TotalSource Review

Even the small and medium businesses today are using PEO services as their Professional Employer Organization in order to support their Human Resource functions. One such amazing tool is the ADP TotalSource Review.

ADP TotalSource PEO provides the best customer support, mobile access, global reach, and other bundled services. The ADP customers get dedicated access and support for all HR functions, payroll activities, risk and compliance, benefits administration, and training and development activities.

If you want to avail of its service, you can connect with the ADP representatives to receive the customized PEO pricing that fits your needs. The ADP services are certified by the IRS, and that makes it one of the best tools available in the market today.

Which Businesses can use ADP?

ADP TotalSource PEO offers a bundled PEO solution to small and mid-sized companies. These companies receive comprehensive support to manage all their human resource functions such as payroll processing, HR administration and even taxation. These services can even extend to workplace training activities. The ADP TotalSource plan requires that you have a minimum of five workers so that the company can be charged per employee. The costing may differ if you use the company’s HR outsourcing services.

ADP does not require the businesses to sign in a long term contract. It also does not charge a cancellation fee. You can sign up for the services and cancel them at any point in time after providing a 30 days notice. Such a flexible plan allows small businesses to stay agile as they grow with time.

Product Features

ADP TotalSource provides you with all the tools and technologies that you need to achieve success in your small business. These services can be payroll management, risk management, or other HR activities. Here are some of the features explained briefly.

  1. Employee Benefits: ADP offers a list of the Fortune 500 level employee benefits that include dental insurance, medical insurance, retirement saving plan, and vision insurance. All this is done through Voya, open enrollment, employee assessment program, COBRA administration, retail, travel, restaurant, and entertainment discounts.
  2. HR Administration: These services can help you manage administrative HR activities such as employment verification, employment onboarding, HR documentation, leave of absence administration, unemployment claims administration, worker’s compensation and workplace safety evaluation.
  3. Payroll Processing: The tool offers comprehensive payroll and tax administration services. These include employee time and attendance tracking, paid time off tracking, year-end and quarterly processing, and other similar services.
  4. Risk and Compliance: The tool offers risk and compliance services for its customers. These help the businesses comply with the different legal requirements such as labour law and federal and state tax laws. ADP will coordinate with your company to provide safety, training, and risk management resources.
  5. Employee Training and Development: ADP offers both onsite and virtual training for your workforce.

These features help professionals to the employer their HR activities and compete in the market. Here are some of the pros and cons of the tool and its services.


  • ADP TotalSource is a web-based platform that is highly convenient to access and also is very easy to use. There are several companies that provide a web-based payroll software application. But, ADP is the one that also offers a mobile application to its users.
  • The mobile platform makes it easy for the users to submit time-off requests, clock in, and manage their hours from anywhere and at any time.
  • The ADP services can swerve the companies nationwide. It can also work with the international companies through ADP’s partnership with the Globalization partners.
  • The tool and its services offer comprehensive support to help businesses of any size when you are operating a company with multiple locations.
  • ADP TotalSource is accredited by the IRS and ESAC, meaning that it is on the top of the PEO industry when it comes to financial stability and the services offered by the company.


  • ADP TotalSource is a large company, and the small companies that want to use its products and services might fear getting lost in its different shuffles.
  • The tool requires the customer company to have at least five employees before they are eligible for their PEO services. If you have a team member of less than five, you might need to hire a different PEO service provider.

The Final Thought

ADP TotalSource is one of the best PEO services that are available in the market. Despite this site, the business offers the best customer service that we have reviewed by far.

The business provides multiple support avenues, and you can reach the company by live chat, email, or phone call. The business website also has FAQ pages for your quick reference. In addition, the website has direct numbers of the HR consulting team. These are experts who will provide support on everything from payroll to developing a company handbook.

So, if you need a support service for your business, this is the best place to go for.

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