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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Top 10 Collaboration Tools for the Year 2020

Every business wants to enhance their productivity and efficiency. With an upsurge of new technology, computers, and mobile systems, the process of automation tools to improve productivity and meet the competition is rising at a fast pace. Every business organization, be it small, medium or large, requires a robust project collaboration tool that can automate some of their project management activities so that they can invest more time on other essential tasks. Most of the businesses nowadays are relying on better quality Collaboration tools to make their business more efficient and effective. This collaboration software help in building a proper communication channel thereby assisting real-time co-workers in enhancing their efficiency and overall productivity. Here we have revealed the top 10 collaboration tools that are expected to be most suitable for small and large scale enterprises.

Zoho Connect Considered as the topmost software, Zoho Connect collaborates the resources, users and apps thereby helping the business organizations to enhance their businesses. Users can easily share their ideas, contact anyone, create their personalized apps, and stay connected with their colleagues. Zoho Connect allows better collaboration and communication among the team members through audio or video conferencing, chats and messages, task management, and version control.
Flock Considered as one of the best team messenger and project collaboration tools, Flock allows its users to bring their entire team together thereby helping them find all the commonly shared data, make a video or audio calls, organize virtual meetings. Organizations can easily discuss their projects, share viewpoints and make swift decisions.
Same Page Same Page is a powerful software that helps in improving collaboration among the team members and the organization is the Same Page. The best part of this particular software is it can be easily accessed through any device. It offers some amazing collaboration features thereby allowing the users to conduct team chat, video conferencing. Then can also share their files, manage their tasks and incorporate other real-time documents in an organized manner.
Base Camp One of the best collaboration tools that helps the organizations to increase their accountability, converse capably and keep everyone stays connected is Basecamp. With Base camp, users can easily determine what exactly needs to be done along with the perfect time when it must be done. It allows is users to channelize their tasks and share new ideas with greater transparency. Further, it helps in maintaining files, documents and to-do lists of any job. Hence overall Base camp is the best online collaboration tool suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and businesses.
Confluence The Confluence is a powerful collaboration tool that helps in organizing and managing the enormous quantity of data, received by the establishments in different industrial sectors, be it retail, manufacturing, logistics, financial sector and also the online social networking. With Confluence, one can easily access the unstructured but most valuable information in an organized manner.
Wunderlist Wunderlist allows its users to share their to-do list to other teammates, they can also set reminders or add notifications. Further, users can easily plan their personal and professional work through this software. It provides the best way to collaborate with the team and get the work done most efficiently. Users can also take the printout of their to-do list in just one click.
Wrike Wrike is designed to improve the efficiency and speed of work in distributed and co-located groups. It is a flexible tool that will enable you with the multifunctional groups to team up and get things done effectively from a single location. It allows you to prioritize, schedule, discuss and track both your work and progress in real-time.
Wimi Wimi is a cloud-based Collaboration tool that assists in keeping a company well organized. This tool helps its users in portfolio management, document management, task management and also time tracking. Besides this, it is also competent enough to share multiple documents and to coordinate with all the uploaded documents that are stored on the Wimi Drive for quick access.
Troop Messenger Troop Messenger is a united application for business messenger, which is created to improve collaboration and communication among the team members. It offers a prompt messaging platform to businesses and organizations, which is a unique tool, allowing users to get in touch, discuss various business projects, share ideas, and work together within a more exclusive and secure environment.
Fleep Fleep is a potent collaboration tool where the users can contact anyone from anywhere through any device. This collaboration tool provides a flexible messenger that could be attached to the emails, thereby allowing the users to share the files easily.

In conclusion, we expect that our small guide and a list of the top 10 most popular Collaboration software helped you get a better idea of the type of platform you could select to handle your projects effectively.

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