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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Product Review – Clockify

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Clockify is a very innovative and essential tool that helps the user to save time and effort of tracking each project and its timeline just by having this tool on his fingertips. Clockify is very easy to use and has all the advanced tools to help you monitor what is the progress of the ongoing projects of the team and what projects are completed. It gives the privilege of tracking every minute utilised in developing multiple projects made and generate in the form of graph reports at the end.

Editions & Pricing

Package name Price ($) Duration Suitable For
Plus $9.99 1 month For companies that need a bit more control over who can do what.
Premium $29.99 1 month For companies that need a robust full-featured time tracker.
Enterprise $9.99 1 month 1 month For large organizations that need complete control over their data

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Clockify is very interactive and creative tool to manage all the projects and the timeline of their completion. User can make a free account at first and test some of its functionalities for a period of time. There are many features like creating client lists and generate reports of multiple projects.

This is the first hand view when the user visits the website. The user can sign up by making a free account and experience the wonderful tools of Clockify.


When the user logs into the Clockify account a dashboard containing multiple links is visible on the screen and then the user can navigate through them.

Time Tracker

This is one of the features of Clockify where the user can input the essential projects details and start the timeline of the projects and also give a suitable tag for it. The user has an option to add numerous projects and set their time accordingly.


In this section the user can generate, save and delete reports. The report can also be exported to the user’s personal computer in various optional formats. There are many options and filters available to view the report for a specific tag. The user has many options under all the different tabs to view teams, active project and clients of the month etc. which is a very detailed feature of Clockify.


In the Clients section the user can add numerous clients and view all the projects made till date. The user has a very special feature known as the alert section which alerts the user about the progress of the project and the user can customize the alert as per requirements.


Under this section the user gets the overall view of the teams those are working on different projects at a time and also set the level of access to their accounts. This feature allows the user to add, save and delete team members.

Video Tutorials

This an interesting section for all the newcomers as this provides a unique platform to learn about
Clockify. Video tutorials are provided to guide the user on how to operate the Clockify software.


The support section of Clockify is the best among other options available in the market. The user has multiple options like read online about it, send the community a message or chat directly with the customer care support which gives instantly reply.

Mobile Accessibility

The application is currently available on mobile devices and platforms such as Android and iOS.


• Business Hours
• Email Support
• Chat Support


The Clockify tool supports Linux, Windows, MacOS, Chrome and Firefox.

Pros and Cons:


1. Improves projects profitability
2. Track teams progress remotely
3. Client can view the projects progress
4. View the time spent on each project


1. UI/UX needs to be updated.
2. User needs more simplification of data to understand.
3. Filtration options should be provided.


1. Gives quick and best optimisation tools.
2. Best interactive report making.
3. Best tool available in the market to monitor time spent on project making.

For further details, please visit the Clockify Website.

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