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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Product review: The Yellowfin Software

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Yellowfin is one of the top business insight tool , which is established for different industrial sectors of all business sizes, be it small, medium or large scale enterprise. This software is specially created for businesses in accountancy, marketing and advertising, farming, investment, insurance, manufacturing, and several other industries.

The Yellowfin Analytics software is the one, and only enterprise analytics tool that deals with automatic analysis, storytelling, and association to modify the way information flows within the organization. Forecasters and business people can make data, ascertain actionable visions, collaborate, and share all that they have learned.

Plans Monthly Pricing Features Included
Yellowfin Data Prep A 30 Day Free Trial offer
  • Data Connection
  • Data Transformation
Yellowfin Analytics A 30 Day Free Trial offer
  • Metadata
  • Collaboration
  • Data Discovery
Yellowfin Analytics + A 30 Day Free Trial offer
  • Dashboards
  • Assisted Insights
  • Signals, stories, mobile
Yellowfin Stories A 30 Day Free Trial offer
  • 3rd Party BI Integration for Stories
  • Mobile
Yellowfin Signals A 30 Day Free Trial offer
  • Stories
  • 3rd Party BI Integration for Stories
  • Mobile

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Dashboard Feature: Yellowfin serves its users with a very attractive dashboard, which is very simple to use and provides its users with automated insights. A user can perform multiple tasks with great flexibility and functionality. The users can also customize the dashboard as per their requirements and business type.

Useful Data Dashboard Option: Yellowfin’s dashboard serves its users with multiple features giving them the ability to perform all their operations effortlessly then and there, along with the insights they have discovered.

Yellowfin Signals: The Yellowfin Signals provide customized and relevant signals as per the user role. They guide you on what exactly is imperative to your business. It never overloads its users with irrelevant signals

Additional Features of Yellowfin Software

• The reports interface for regular and self-service reports is spontaneous and easy to use.
• Yellowfin offers a variety of attractive charts and graphical formats
• Its score card keeps a visual track of KPI’s
• IT assists the users to create and calculate the new field values by using the formula based on the prevailing data rudiments.
• IT also allows the users to dig in and explore more data to discover new insights.
• Its predictive analysis feature assists the users in analysing the present and historical data to make future predictions.
• Its data visualization feature helps in communicating complex information more effectively through their advanced graphical techniques.
• Last but not the least, through its big data services, one can easily handle big and complex data more efficiently.

Mobile Accessibility

Yellowfin is a well-designed app that can be used on any modern browser, including browsers on most of the mobile devices. It can also be installed on Android and iPhone/iPad. For easy access, you can use it on your computers. Furthermore, the device supported by the tool includes:
• Windows
• Mac
• Cloud
• Saas
• Web-based


Yellowfin has integration with predictive analytical tools and Big Data processing such as R, UDF, Spark.

Pros and Cons


• It is user friendly software which is very easy to operating with multipurpose instinctive smooth incorporation
• Yellowfin has an excellent incorporation capability with Big Data.
• It is very swift and easy to create business reports and panels which further reduces the response time of the VSV equipment especially when the VSV clients need new customized reports
• It serves its users with a very attractive dashboard.
• Yellowfin software is not that expensive in comparison to other software


• Its version get outdated very often, hence needs frequent upgrades
• It is not available on the cloud option.


Yellowfin is currently available in a closed BETA version. Although there is no live chat available for this tool, but they do provide you with a full Email support which has a very prompt and reliable response time that usually comes within 1-2 days. Apart from that, they are also available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked in.


The tool is supported by Windows, Android, I Phone, I Pad, Mac, Web based support. However, they do not provide a cloud hosted deployment service. Otherwise it is a fantastic software that is very easy to use for the beginners as well.

For further details, please visit Yellowfin website and know more about it.

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