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Friday , May 24 2024

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Driving Business through COVID- 19

COVID- 19 is a global pandemic that has influenced everyone’s life, including small scale business owners. It has transformed our way of thinking and working. The entire world is trying hard to adjust themselves to this new environment. Most of the companies (Small, medium, or large scale enterprises) across the globe have quarantined themselves so as to reduce the further spread of this contagious disease. Considering this worldwide problem, Google has come up with some useful resources that could assist the small scale enterprises in directing them and helping retain themselves through this tough time. In the below section, we shall be discussing about specific measures highlighted by Google, which any business could adopt to survive through this tough time.

Keep your clients well informed

The global lockdown has changed the work schedules of all the business organizations. Considering the present scenario, you may also have to change your work schedules in terms of working hours, or types of products and services offered by you. Hence you must keep your customers informed about it by updating your Business profile on Google. All you have to do is register yourself on Google my Business, get yourself verified, and start your online business management.

Moreover, if you want to provide an online service to your customers, then you can sync the appointment URL with your profile. In fact, you can also add gift cards or donations by adding multiple support links with your business profile.

Modify your advertising and promotional activities

Looking at the present market situation, online advertising is the only way to enhance your business and keep your existing and future customers well aware of your new business plans and offers. You can do all this through Google Ads- a tool that is exclusively created by Google to help you transfer all the relevant information that you wish to pass on to your customers during this time, for instance: change in the working hours, services offered, etc.

Google Ads have an inbuilt automatic system that could assist you to boost your marketing campaigns, by broadcasting the correct right message to the correct users, at the correct time.

Familiarize yourself with the modified customer behaviour

There has been a dramatic transformation in the overall consumer behavior after this global pandemic came into being. New regulations have changed the customer’s expectations from the businesses. Hence organizations must be well aware of this newly transformed customer behavior, and they can easily collect it either via multiple social channels or by using tools offered by Google like Google Trends or Google Alerts and accordingly get the close insights of the present market structure and latest buying patterns of the customers.  In case if you don’t have your own business website, then you can also begin by creating a domain and accordingly create your own website. Accordingly, add all the relevant information about your business and your source of interaction with your customers, including your contact number, email address, etc.

Prepare yourself to operate your business remotely 

No wonders, by this time, you may either be working remotely or preparing yourself to work that way. If not, then the below mentioned tool may help you start your remote operations and stay connected and productive even while working distantly:

  • Conferencing tools like Google Meet can help you organize video conferencing.
  • You can also create your own chat room in Google Chat for conversing with your customers/ Clients.
  • You can also access all your essential documents anywhere by uploading them to Cloud with the help of Google drive.

So it’s time to pull your socks up for the new style of working. We believe our article will guide you thought this process and help you manage work in a systematic manner.  

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