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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Top Communication Platforms For Business Product Review – The Zoho Software

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ZOHO is a web based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that is created to invite, preserve and please the prospective customers to enhance and develop their business.

Zoho software a top communication Platform for business is suitable for any business type, be it small medium or large scale enterprise. It is specially programmed to automate all the routine business activities, keep a systematic track of sales, and also engage its prospective customers in different interfaces. Moreover its mobile interface places your CRM directly to that location where you can get swift and real time updates and either enter into or close more contracts from any part of the world.

Editions and Pricing of Zoho Software

Zoho CRM Software offers a free version to its prospective customers. Its initial pricing begins at $12.00per month per user. They also offer a free trial to their potential customers. This software is also available in different packages provided by the local vendors, which could be customized as per the user requirement. Hence it entirely depends on the price quoted by the software vendors and service providers. Therefore it is recommended to directly contact the Zoho CRM software team to obtain the current pricing.


Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features of Zoho Software

Connectivity with any data source: We all know how the business data is fully scattered in different files, databases, web feeds, various cloud storage services and other online or offline applications. But through Zoho software, you can conduct a detailed recording and investigation wherever your data is placed. This software automatically syncs the data and schedules it occasionally.


Blending of the Data:  Through Zoho Analytics, one can easily amalgamate & merge the data from various resources in order to develop an expressive business report, for instance, syncing your market expenditure data into Excel sheet format or connecting AdWords with your sales data through CRM so as to create an expenditure vs. sales report. Moreover, the Zoho software Analytics can also automatically auto-blend the data from renowned business applications.


Visual Analysis of the Data: Through Zoho software, one can visually analyze the data and create perceptive and intuitive reports and dashboards with a relaxed drag-and-drop interface that can be performed by anyone without any professional help.


Deep Analytics: Zoho software assists its users to perform a thorough analysis, develop key metrics, and discover all the unseen insights by using its powerful investigative abilities.


 Additional Features

Features related to Customer relationship Management (CRM)

  • Calendar reminder system
  • Marketing via email
  • Scoring of Leads
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Management of Tasks and projects
  • Segmentation
  • Integration of Social media
  • Integration of internal Chats
  • Setting up quotes and proposals

Features related to Construction Customer relationship Management (CRM)

  • Forecasting
  • Tracking of customers
  • Setting up quotes and proposals
  • Management of contract
  • Scheduling

Features associated with Financial Customer relationship Management (CRM)

  • Setting up account alerts
  • Marketing management
  • Assignment of teams
  • Lead management
  • Control of a specific territory

Mobile Accessibility

Zoho is a well-designed app that can be used on any modern browser, including browsers on most of the mobile devices. For easy access, you can use it on your computers. It can also be installed  on Android and iPhoine/iPad. Furthermore, the device supported by the tool includes:

  • Windows
  • Cloud
  • SaaS
  • Web-based


  • Live support
  • Email support
  • Phone support


Zoho offers open APIs for integration with other Zoho products.

Pros and cons 

  • Multiple features under one roof
  • The smart chat that too inside the Zoho CRM, make the work of beginners very eas
  • Powerful CRM Analytics


  • It has got a clumsy interface, and the users have to undergo through many steps to perform a simple task
  • Lack of flexibility. The user needs to install a new scalable CRM tool in case if the business grows and accommodates more users



Unlike other related companies, through Zoho software, you can easily find 100’s of accounts in any industrial sector that have more than 50 employees & use “Facebook Custom Audiences.” Zoho software also mentions the contact information of each marketing representative at each company.

Hence Overall Zoho Prospect is considered to be a fantastic tool with an excellent support team. It is one of the most affordable and cost efficient options, as it integrates robust email features with a vast contact list, making it relatively easier to find the right prospect.

For further details, please visit this site Zoho and get a little tour of their added features.


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