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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Product Review – Dundas

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Dundas BI is a next-gen Business Intelligence or BI tool or software that was came into being in the year 2014. It unites both BI as well as for analytics software into one tool that can get into as an individual platform or simply mix up or integrate with other platforms and tools.

The flexible and accessible platform has a robust focus on self-service, which means any user is able to analyze the information as well as build or make dashboards irrespective of job position or practical BI expertise. It further can be completely customizable.

Dundas BI offers all customary BI requirements in a single platform. It involves connectivity of data, preparation of data as well as self-service analytics.

Editions and Pricing

Dundas provides flexible licensing prototypes that let customers buy Dundas licenses on the basis of their requirements, like user needed by type, termed or concurrent customers, or single or multi-occupant placement. You need to send a request to Dundas for getting a price quote as they have multiple options available as per your request. Find an appropriate business plan for the company with the exclusive price range offered by Dundas.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Dundas BI is continuously moving ahead, offering and presenting the users brand-new and innovative competences to handle the data analytics. With a quick release cycle, you can constantly anticipate latest techniques and methods to envision and relate with your data, smarter data preparations for analytics lying on complex data arrangements, forward-looking catches to assimilate into all business procedures or apps, and certainly; a fine set of new skills and features determined straight as per the user’s requests.

Self-service analytics

Now analyze your data faster than ever in a significant manner. Search accessible data as well as integrate your individual data files by means of the instinctive drag-and-drop feature. Utilize menu interfaces to filter, drill-down or up, as well as zoom in and out, re-visualize and much more. Dundas Business Intelligence’s multiple data features and techniques let you dig deeper into the data as well as improve context with the help of a single click set-up of time to time assessments or evaluations, conditional formatting along with a wide variety of arithmetical methods. It can potentially all be completed straight on your visualizations so that you can directly see the outcomes.


Dashboards and Reports

The customizable, as well as prevailing data visualizations, are popular in the technology sector. It represents more than 25 years of technology management and revolution. You will be stunned by the influence plus flexibility of the data visualizations offered by this feature. Visually discover, formulate as well as change your data into spectacular dashboards, multi-page accounts plus visual data analytics, all as per your precise terms and conditions. With a huge integral function, lively data flows modified to the customer’s abilities along with fully available APIs, and you have to no longer hinge on various platforms or software and settle for less when it comes to business intelligence as well as for analytics.


One Flexible Platform

Agile data flow of Dundas BI lets various kinds of users to begin their data journey as per their preferences. No matter you are a business intelligence expert or an analyst, you can instantly kick-start your visual data investigation or research of a devoted dataset for particular dashboards. Here’s the main part; no matter the way you work, any material build from any user can be re-acquired as well as distributed over the entire company.


Slicer Comparisons

This feature encourages the slicer evaluation to compare as well as to measure figures over a particular filtered value. For instance, it allows you to easily evaluate a data set showing Global-Yearly Results, along with Regional-Yearly Results.


Ragged Hierarchies

Describe hierarchies for data with a rough amount of levels like business charts. With the help of Dundas BI, the platform has made it likely to hold on to multifaceted data modelling with easiness. Also, it has taken the leg work out of generating hierarchical data sets that back your analysis.


Mobile Accessibility

View, create as well as interact anywhere or with any Device. The tool gives you the liberty of using it anywhere anytime. It works with both iOS and Android devices. You get the flexibility to stay connected to your business intelligence from wherever you are.



  • 24/7 online request accessibility
  • Chat or email support
  • Live demo and training
  • Live Support
  • Call support



Dundas provides wide integrations with R and Python for advanced analytics and statistical computing. The tool further integrates with other devices for providing an exceptional analytical experience to its users.


Pros and Cons of Dundas


  • Flexibility and functionality
  • Flexibility in design, variety of charts and data sources, open API and the great Dundas support
  • Dundas BI offers a number of astounding features, and especially it is an extremely customizable BI Product
  • Flexibility as well as Customization Ability to link-up numerous data sources
  • Feature to set-up security teams as well as the auditing skills
  • Customer support is good
  • Cons

  • It needs to take a step further and aboard predicted analytics!
  • I’ll never fully exploit the capabilities of the software – it’s simply too massive.
  • It does take some time to set up initially, but the flexibility more than makes up for it
  • The tool doesn’t support the 3D Charts even it is clear that 3D charts are not professional.


    The collaborative functionality of this tool or platform is a must-have feature. The data-driven notification feature that can send an alert by email when a specific metric goes behind a threshold or state is one of the most interactive characteristics that differentiates the product with other Business Intelligence tools.

    For further details, please visit Dundas website and know more about it.

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