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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Product Review: Mode

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Mode is an analytics tool based on SQL, which lets you share data, visualize, and query. By taking your entire analytical process in one room, you can attain deeper insights as a team through mode. Businesses use Mode to convert the data into a force of gravity that brings domain experts, data experts, and people similar and together to resolve their toughest problems and drive action. It is best for collaboration of data team and work, where business users do not require much self-service. It will help your organization in making better decisions by unlocking the value of data. It combines the SQL, Python/R notebook, charting, and visual data exploration in a single platform.

Overview of the Features

  • Data visualization, calculated fields, and reports interface.
  • Increases speed for better decision making.
  • Connects your data warehouse.
  • Analyze with SQL, Python, or R.
  • Instantly visualize tens of millions of rows
  • Share the living report with the stakeholders

Editions and Pricing

Mode offers a free trial to all its users so that they can understand the features well. Furthermore, it offers three options, which include studio, business, and enterprise. Moreover, the starting price of the tool is $500 per month. The plan for the studio, business, and enterprise includes the following features.


Studio ·         SQL, Python, or R

·         Private database connections

Business ·         All the features of mode studio

·         Schedules

·         Email & Slack sharing

·         Code-free exploration

Enterprise ·         All the features of mode business

·         Enterprise support and onboarding

·         Role-based access control

·         Advanced identity management

·         Dedicated infrastructure, and more


Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Dashboard: When you create your business account, at first, you will be asked to connect your data to mode. You will be provided with the option to connect your database with mode. Furthermore, you can see your work, and starred work on the dashboard.


Sales Reporting: The notebook and SQL editor option will improve the speed and quality of your iterative analysis. In the reporting feature, you will get the option to report builder. In Notebook, you will have Python Notebook. In the queries option, you will be provided the option to run the SQL, view table and history, and add a chart. The query will display order ID, order type, region, rep, account, order time, and others.



General: When you connect your data to mode, you will get access to various options including spaces, and definitions. In the spaces feature, the options enable to you will include personal, community, data science, general, operations, product metrics, and sales. The general options will show you various graphs including store breakdown, web sales, sales overview, trend stats, and many more.



Sales Transition Analysis: In the report option, you can see your sales transaction analysis. Here you can deploy the best possible solution for every aspect of your infrastructure. You can have category sales by store, and the tool will make the bar chart according to the entry made by you. You will get the feature of different fields and formats.




Mobile Accessibility

The mode is fully well-designed and balances well on any modern browser, including most of the browsers on the computer devices and mobile devices. There is no mobile application made for Mode.


  • Online Chat support
  • Email support
  • Mobile user support
  • Email reports


The mode has integration with python, HTML, R, and others

Pros and Cons of Mode


  • Easy to add data from various sources
  • Run live queries on data
  • Produce detailed graphs and sheets
  • The free app is great and comprehensive for data collection
  • Flexible and easy features


  • Limited Visualizations
  • Difficult to hide implementation details
  • At times, it is confusing in how to share the project, who it is sharing to, what they have access to.
  • Sometimes query takes too long to run


  • Advanced SQL Editor: Autocomplete, Highlighting, Query History.
  • Customizable HTML Notebooks
  • Online SQL Course
  • Python, HTML, and R Integrations
  • Mode lets SQL Analysts and R/Python operators assemble in the same tool and work side by side.

For further details, please visit the Mode Website.

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