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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Best BI Tools Product Review- Bridge Analytics

BI Tools Product review-Bridge AnalyticsMarketing is used as a shining tool to attract people. Other than raising many users, it also demands reliability which is vital. Involving clients in the campaigns Bridge Analytics which is one of the best BI tool is a Marketing Agency Analytics tool. This tool has composed of features which manage the customer engagement with proper tracking of campaigns and conversions.

It creates agencies to report on high-level metrics to show their clients the value of their marketing campaigns. The app indulges the agencies to manage the campaign report running for each customer. The app involves customers with scheduled reports through email, pdf, or their personal dashboard.

Editions and Pricing

  • $40 / month/client
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • 400 minutes
  • 2 numbers

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Bridge_Analytics_Consolidate_Your_Marketing_DataConsolidate Your Marketing Data
Every client is allowed to log in and will be able to extract top campaigns to get a clear picture of market and conversion ratio for the agency. Agencies are allowed to log in and see data from different campaigns running for each client to grasp overall value.


Bridge_Analytics_Track_Online_and_Offline_CampaignsTrack Online and Offline Campaigns
Besides the online marketing, agencies can also report their offline success to the clients through various channels present in the app such as call analytics, web analytics, and dynamic number swapping.



Bridge_Analytics_Involve_Clients_More_With_ReportsInvolve Clients More With Reports
Bridge Analytics provides the full comprehensive metric to the clients so the customer can view a figurative report of marketing campaigns. This builds a real connection between the agency and a client. The tool offers companies powerful ways to engage the customers. Daily, weekly, or monthly email can be scheduled, dashboard with updated campaign data and direct links for the updates. Reports can be seen in PDF format.


Bridge_Analytics_Listen_To_Campaign_CallsListen To Campaign Calls
Clients can hear the call from each campaign in the app. Through the facility, it helps to find first quality, sales pitches, and customer feedback. Local or toll-free both are present as options, to purchase.


Mobile Accessibility

The Bridge Analytics app does not offer the mobile accessibility.


Bridge Analytics does not have any feature for any integration.


The user can communicate with the support system through email.

Pros and Cons of Bridge Analytics


  • Precise metric and report.
  • Engages clients.
  • Categorized Campaign results.
  • Snapshot option for reports.


  • Credit card required for addition of every user.
  • A security issue for client’s private data.

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Engaging customers through various campaigns helps in growth of the company/agency providing each customer with a full knowledge of product marketing and its consequences. The app involves the participation of clients maintaining a healthy relation between a company and its clients.

For more details, please visit Bridge Analytics website.

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