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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Get Some Amazing Things Done Through Croogster

Get-Some-Amazing-Things-Done-Through-CroogsterMaking money through freelancing is no more a big, insecure issue. Not only the tools, techniques and widgets involved in work culture are changing, but the work culture itself has been groomed with the emerging technology. Freelancing, a term that has changed the trend of work culture is making some robust marks in the society. It offers an option for a person to work for companies or clients even from remote regions.

The opportunities are large as almost every company fall for freelancers. Since the availability and searching for them are hard, the Croogster team brings their services to buyers/sellers. The Croogster provides an online platform for hiring freelancers and getting work done in a simple way.

Croogster Setup

Must have imagined about transforming your interest into something valuable asset. The traditional ways of money making have gone. Now every second person wants to go to his/her interest and searches jobs accordingly. From wedding card designs to website development, every important service is available here, and the team called them – the croogs. This online marketplace is convenient for those who don’t have time to make things or lacking in how to do them. This Mumbai based online marketplace has started in Feb 2016 by Dev Hisaria and Manisha Parab. The startup has a team of 4 members serving freelancers, students, entrepreneurs and SMBs as the targeted audience.

There are already some international giant players like Freelancer, Elance, iFreelances along with some traditional job portals Naukri, Monster India, Shine, etc., but finding a right job for a potential candidate is still not easy. Their vision is to create a platform that comes to rescue whenever people need something done. The startup wants to build a talented community of freelancers who offer their skills to an audience who require them.

Made for Everyone

This is a perfect platform to transform a hobby, or talent into something meaningful. Croogster portal offers 50 types of services from every ordinary to different utilities such as wedding card design, blog writing, school and college assignments, personalized diet plan, drawing your cartoon, poetry and much more on a fixed INR 299. The company provides the reviews, payments, and ratings to the freelancer after the task. They even promote them to higher levels, acquiring more knowledge and options to raise their prices. Manisha Parab, co-founder, and COO, “Freelancers have an image of taking up serious business projects. We are trying to create a community that is not only confined to business projects but is also open to offering a fantastic range of services which are frequently sought by people but rarely found.”

The fixed price policy of INR 299 for every service can be considered as their USP. They charge this amount for each service with 10% processing fee to both buyers and sellers. Croogster uses a secure payment procedure. The payment is on the spot while buying a service, through PayPal or personal banking.

Work Under Progress

The startup has performed well, placed 300 orders and approximately thousand users in this little time. Presently making a monthly revenue of around 20-30k, the team is expecting to break-even by August this year.

Now targeting the requirements of the ordinary people and their solution by freelancing expertise, they are also planning for the availability of the platform in the B2C market. Although the portal provides little competition and low prices for the services but is gaining the attention of people and new freelancers to build their portfolio for higher opportunities

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