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Wednesday , June 26 2024

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BI Tools Product Review- Filament

BI Tools Product review-filament

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Content performance tracking is difficult yet a must job for every content writers. There are many tools available in the market to track your content. One such tool is filament. Other tools focus on one particular feature at a time such as tracking traffic, visitor behavior or sharing impact, but not all together.

Filament is an all-rounder which provides visitor behavior, traffic, and sharing impact at the same place. With the tool, you can watch the total sharing activity and the growth of your website. The tool eases your task by helping you find the types of content that are shared. The tool is a partner of Google analytics. It tells about what to do about the happenings on your blog. It generates automatic tips to enhance the performance of the content. The tool recommends next steps instead of just reporting numbers.

Editions and Pricing

The tool does not have any pricing plans and is free to use.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_filament_easy_deploymentEasy Deployment
The users can easily add flares, Google Analytics or any other features by just dragging and dropping the newly created items on the web page. You can either add to the entire website or a single page.



product_review_filament_customize_flareCustomize Flare
With filament, you can tweak the shapes and colors of icons. It allows you to change the position and background of the icons until the flare suits your website. You can choose the sources you want in the flare.



product_review_filament_flare_locationSelect the Flare Location
The users can select where to place the flare on their website. They just need to select from the predefined locations. The users can also select the need and position of sidebars.




product_review_filament_engage_mobile_sharesEngage Mobile Shares
Most of the websites experience loss of mobile shares. Filament helps to avoid this loss. The flare mobile feature, you can engage your customers with a beautiful sharing experience in both portrait and landscape mode.

Additional Features

  • Google Analytics
  • Daily or weekly email updates.
  • Send multiple reports.
  • Engagement alerts.
  • Custom reports are made easy.
  • Find anything with an easy

Mobile Accessibility

The tool is not available for Android, iPhone, or any other mobile users.


The tool integrates with the website of the users and connects with Google Analytics.


The tool provides support to the users with a rich knowledge base. In case, the knowledge base fails to sort out the issue; the users can get support by sending a message through the tool.

Pros and Cons of Filament


  • Daily reports.
  • Good support.
  • Easy to use.


  • Some links do not work such as “add filament app to your site in 10 seconds”.


Tracking sharing impact, traffic, and visitor interaction all in one place make the tool different from others. Also, the partnership with Google Analytics adds to the brand name.

For more details, please visit Filament Website

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