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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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How Intelligent Interfaces Fizzled out

how-intelligent-interfaces-fizzled-outAn IIT dropout, Rahul Yadav started a company intelligent interfaces with the purpose of helping Governance. According to him, Intelligent interfaces will help the officials to run government departments more efficiently.

Rahul revealed the news of starting a new venture in December 2015, when he saw the possibility partnership between the large businesses and the Government. But, within a half of the year, Rahul admitted that the company ‘Intelligent interfaces’ is not working out.



Founder Found Big Investors

Rahul Yadav is known as ‘Bad boy or maverick of Indian startups’. He is also known for being ex-cofounder of Intelligent Interfaces was the idea of Rahul, that is, it would be providing the country’s government data aggregation and visualization. Well-known investors such as Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal from Flipkart, and the Indian cricket legend Yuvraj Singh invested in the venture. Other investors include Paytm’s founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma and Micromax’s founder Rahul Sharma, who made an investment in Rahul Yadav’s startup firm.

Functions of Venture

After leaving, Rahul Yadav kept giving hints about the startup functioning and several people figured out that the image of Intelligent Interfaces would look like data analytics space. Rahul revealed that the startup created an interface accessible to Government officials. He contacted 20 Government bodies expecting that they will use the services, and will establish a partnership with the Government. Additionally, he gave small hints of the function of the interface that the services combine technology and visualization for making policy decisions by the Government.

The Declaration of Failure

The venture captured the attention of lots of people that resulted into 70,000 followers of Rahul Yadav on Facebook. He declared that Intelligent Interface is not working and asked that should he go forward to enterprises or back to real estate.

History of Founder

The venture is not the first startup by Rahul Yadav, while his experience of venturing a few of the firms led him to this idea. When he was in IIT Bombay, he founded website that had a collection of old IIT papers. After dropping from IIT, he co-founded portal in the field of real estate with some of his colleagues. He had to resign from venture because of his involvement with media and behavior with the investors.

The Bottom Line

The media and followers keep an eye upon Rahul Yadav for his leadership qualities and innovative ideas. Undeniably, Intelligent Interfaces created a buzz in startup market.  As Rahul said in an E-summit held at IIT Bombay, “ I had the option to leave the country or stay. I decided to stay and fix it”. He meant to think of big ideas, all he want is the support and practical implementation.

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