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Monday , June 24 2024

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Product Review: Clever Maps

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CleverMaps is the foremost platform for spatial data analytics. Simply put Business Intelligence on the map and answer location-based, comprehensive, and business questions with the ease of interpretation of a map. The tool will connect your business data with numerous other data sources to examine them and discover unanticipated links. Its real-time engine lets you divide your data into small parts, run analytics for specific use cases, and hasten your data detection. Furthermore, it provides its users with a platform that offers precision in reports. It supports in improving business insights. With the help of this software, your company can look for rich and convincing visual data, which helps to retain the customers updated concerning the progress and requirements. Together with all this, the tool also helps clients in forecasting the probable risks along with growth analyzation, which helps in improving business decisions.

Overview of the Features

  • Location Intelligence
  • Location Analytics
  • Trade Area Analysis
  • GeoSpatial-Business Intelligence
  • Branch Network Optimization
  • Geomarketing
  • Market Potential Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analysis

Editions and Pricing

Sighted offers a free trial for its users so that they can get through it effectively and know about how to use the features. Furthermore, it offers three pricing options for businesses, which include entry, professionals, and enterprise. Moreover, the prices include the following subscription plans.

Entry Professional Enterprise
Data storage Up to 0.5 GB Data storage: Up to 2 GB Data storage: As needed
Admin user: 1 Admin user: 1 Admin user: As needed
Analytics user: 0 Analytics user: 10 Analytics user: As needed
Price: €99 per month Price: €499 per month Price: Contact on the website

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Dashboard: When you will log in to your account at first, the software will provide you access to its dashboard. It will show you your retail solution demo. Furthermore, it will show you branch network optimization demo, branch network reporting demo, explore index demo, food delivery demo, life sight mobility data in Sydney, and other retail solution demos. It will further provide you list of all projects.

Catchment Area Analysis: This feature will show you a map, which will show you the areas where you can deliver your products for enhancing your business and those areas where you may get more profit and returns. It will further provide you options for customer intelligence, market potential and share, exposure index, and demography. It will show you your total turnover value by delivery, delivered products, and picked up. It will also show your number of customers and the number of purchases per customer.

Customer Intelligence: Through this feature, you can gain deeper insights into your customer base. You can identify the number of purchases initiating in a particular region on the map, and can further identify whether your customers are more likely to use delivery services, do shop online, or collect in-store, and the location of your most loyal customers. Furthermore, you will get access to:

  • Online turnover value.
  • Offline turnover value.
  • Number of male and female customer
  • Number of purchase
  • Average purchase value

Market Potential and Share: Here you can access the current status of your business in a precise location. You can learn where your business can better enter the market and can realize its entire potential. If you are thinking to open a new store, from this feature, you can get the information on whether that area has the potential customer base or not. In this feature, you will get the ranks of the wards, market potential percentage, and numbers of potential customers.

Exposure Index: The feature will help you in finding the most suitable location if you want to open a new branch or establish a new store in the market. It will further assist you in understanding the importance of a place based on the banks, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and other POIs. It will further provide you the total number of POIs, and the map will show you the areas where they are actually located at.

Mobile Accessibility

Clever Map is supported on Web, SaaS, Cloud, and Mac. There is no mobile accessibility available for the software. It can be used on any modern browser, including browsers on most of the mobile devices. For easy access, you can use it on your computers.


  • 24/7 onlineaccessibility
  • Chat support
  • Live Support
  • Phone support


CleverAnalytics has a unified integration with Keboola Connection. The platform is also being prepared for connection with other services.

Pros and Cons of Clever Maps


  • It is quite fast to be all in the cloud with access through the browser and works with the big datasets.
  • In one-time, there are all data and all are divisible without changing the set-up of the datasets key connector.
  • Template insights reports for real business use cases.
  • Combines location based-data from different sources and put it in a context.
  • Easily ad hoc analysis.
  • Works with logical models and independent data.
  • API connector for Keboola Connections.


  • Only for companies who want to work on the cloud.
  • The tool does not work on a small mobile screen, as the map view and side panel requires at least the size of a tablet screen.
  • It does not work with statistical probability, and it only shows what already exists.


This Location Intelligence software helps in making better business decisions in an extensive series of industries such as Retail, E-commerce, Food, and Grocery Delivery, Omnichannel, Insurance, Banking, and Telco. The tool answers broad, location-related, business questions with the ease of reading a map.

For further details, please visit the Clever Maps Website.

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