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Monday , June 24 2024

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Product Review: Tixit: The Most Customizable Project Management Software

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Every organization, big or small need to manage critical projects. The primary requirement for the fulfillment of projects is the task distribution and its timely completion. It gets facilitated by proper communication between the team members and the management. It ‘s hard to control the process of work assignment and information communication manually. So as always, technology comes to rescue. Online tool for project management takes the responsibility of managing the various aspects of the project. Many project management tools are available in the market, but here our primary focus will be on Tixit. It is a project management tool designed to match the unique project requirements of the business. The sophisticated functionality of this tool is described below.

Editions And Pricing

The tool is in beta version and is available for free. It is helping the startups and mompreneurs to manage their projects efficiently.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features


The page which opens up when the user login to the Tixit website is the homepage. As we know that tixit is the project management tool, its homepage displays all the projects managed by the tool. It gives a clear understanding of the number and the type of projects running in an organization. Additionally, it shows all the tickets associated with the selected projects. These tickets represent the tasks of a particular project. Furthermore, the user can add project using the new project option at the top left corner of the Projects option.

Tickets: Tixit_Tickets
Tickets as already discussed is a list of tasks that come with a particular project. These tickets help the project team to know about the various operations that need to perform under a particular project. A ticket, in particular, comprises of various information, such as ticket description, comment, and its owner’s information. Creating the ticket involves filling up all the information and adding users who can see the ticket and commence with their tasks accordingly. The user can add the list of the people who can watch the ticket using the watcher option of the tool and can also attach files which are relevant to the project. All the information updated using the ticket helps the project team to understand the motive of the project and their work correctly. The checkbox in front of the ticket contributes to learning about the completion status of the project. This information supports in the successful completion of the project and efficient project management.

Invite Users:
Tixit_Invite Users

One of the crucial aspects of project management is task assignment. Allocating the right task to the right person is necessary. The Tixit tool effectively manages this task. It allows the project manager to add the user to a particular ticket, so that they can understand their work and perform it efficiently. The users can be added to a special ticket by clicking on the settings option at the upper right corner of the selected project which has an option of ticket settings. Upon visiting the ticket setting option, one can invite users and make other changes to the tickets. It helps to customize the ticket settings making it suitable for individual businesses.

Mobile Accessibility

The mobile app for Tixit is not available.


Currently, Tixit is in the beta version, so integration is not available.


The tool has a help option, which has a complete document explaining its various features and its functionality. Additionally, there is a tutorial for using the tool which helps the beginners to understand the tool.

Pros and Cons of Tixit


  • User-Friendly
  • Available for free
  • File import option
  • Simple task assignment and management


  • The tutorial stops at a particular step and do not move forward
  • Live-Chat option missing


The one feature which differentiates this tool from other project management tool is the use of Tickets. The tickets give insights into the particular task and notify all the team members about their respective jobs. It helps to ensure effective project management in the organization. Apart from the information provided above, learn more about the tool at the Tixit website.

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