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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Product Review: Scrum Time – Want to Make it Good? Make it Flexible!

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Effectually managing the tasks is very crucial for every organization. The tool creates scrum for the corporate team and helps prioritize the activities of all the team members. It readily displays information about the undergoing tasks of the team and tracks the progress of the work. Scrum Time responsibly manages the organization workflow along with team collaboration, building coordination among team members and enhancing the quality of work.

Editions and Pricing

The tool is free for managing a single project after that its charges 0.99 USD per user per month. The cost calculator estimates the cost of based on the count of users and the usage time.

Capabilities and Supporting Set Features


The first screen which appears when the user login to the tool is the dashboard. It summarizes the overall activity of the organization. It displays the graphical information about the tasks completed in a weeks’ time. Additionally, it gives information about the number of projects that are currently progress and the number of tasks that need to finish. In general, it provides an overview of all the organizational happenings in the form of graphs.


The project feature of the tool gives details of all the project activities. It allows the user to create, assign, and track the progress of the project events.

Invite New Friend: This option under the project tab permits the user to collaborate with team members making them part of the project team. Once the person gets added, various tasks details get shared with them easily, and the progress of the same can get monitored.

New Project:
This feature of the tool helps to create a new project allowing scalability in the organizational environment. The growing industrial demand will fetch more project, and the tool is ready to manage all new projects efficiently. The user can amend new tasks to the existing project’s list creating a bigger project.
Add An Avatar:
The tool allows the user to alter its profile by providing the Avatar feature. The tool opportune the user to insert the personal profile picture and add a personalized touch to the management activity.

Scrum Time:

The scrum time option of the tool shows all the activities that the team needs to perform. It displays a checklist highlighting the tasks in progress. As the tasks get accomplished the owner of the work can check the checkbox which strikesthrough the task indicating completion. It helps to measure the overall progress of the various activities and contributes to align the workflow effectually.


The tool has inbuilt report curation option, which generates graphical reports on the basis of the activities performed. It helps to the team manager to analyze the overall work balance and the productivity of each member. The information provided through the reports permits the authorities to manage the workload as per the team’s capability, generating a collaborative environment within the organization.

Mobile Accessibility

Android app for Scrum Time is available for the people who manage their work through mobile phones.


Currently, no integrations are available for this tool.


Scrum Time provides scrum guide to help understand the basics and for useful functioning.

Pros and Cons of Scrum Time


  • Effective task management
  • Collaboration
  • Efficient Reporting
  • Tracking work progress
  • Cost effective


  • Various features of the tool take in same input which creates ambiguity.


Scrum Time is a useful tool for organizational task management and team collaboration. Its diverse features enable the team members to stay in sync and perform their work efficiently. The differentiating characteristics of the tool is its ability to create numerous projects and tasks and support scalability.

For more information about this tool visit Scrum Time website.

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