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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Why Marketers are focussing on Keyword Attribution

Everyone today hits to Google to find anything, anywhere, and anytime. The number of searches Google conduct per year is 2 trillion per year. And the number of searches per second touch 63,000. This figure clearly states how important it is for the search marketers to focus on, especially managing the Google AdWords campaigns needs attention to rise on the graph.

The Google AdWords account, in fact, is made up of a hierarchy of campaigns, keywords, ads, ad extensions, landing pages, etc. Thus, optimizing the online presence to make the most of the revenue spent is the new goal for any organization.

Why the Search Keyword is Important

The only reason millions of brands are in the market and millions of search marketers have a job because of the consumer’s tendency to search for things online. Additionally, the element that brings a brand directly to the customers is the keyword. Keywords are the things that every search marketers are focusing on at the end of every day. Marketers today place bids, plan ad design campaigns, ad copy, budgets, and make landing pages. Everything today on the internet revolves around a keyword that matches the needs.

The keyword Level Attribution

The keyword being the most important game player on the internet, its conversion attribution and measurement is also important as well. Getting a keyword level attribution is the most important thing when it comes to marking yourself in the market. This is critical because every search on the internet starts with a keyword or a keyword phrase.

How to get the Keyword-Level Attribution

The good news is, Google and Bing agree together that the keyword level attribution is necessary too. These search engines in most cases allow unique keyword IDs that provide conversion attribution. They take special care of those conversions that occur from a click to a landing page that generates keyword or match type level attribution, even at the device levels.

The keyword or the match type level attribution also expect to filter into your analytics platform. The attribution will integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics if you are directly integrated with it. Additionally, you can use the call attribution technology with Google call to capture the missing call conversations. With this, you get complete insights including details such as caller id, location, browser/device, etc. You can pass this information to your CRM tool as well as Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Thus, every single conversion your brand measures at the keyword level is important. Keyword level attribution ensures pulling the highest bids that drive the most conversions.

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