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Monday , June 24 2024

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10 Pinterest Marketing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

10-Pinterest-Marketing-Mistakes-you-need-to-stop-makingPinterest is an amazing social media site to promote your product on a social channel. The channels gives a visual display of your brand and products connecting your customers. Unfortunately, there are many brands that don’t do it right for marketing.

Pinterest can be pictured as a very personalized, intuitive and glossy magazine for brand and product promotion. It’s an amazing and a fabulous way for users and customers to find products or services. In fact, it is noted that 69% of online customers who visit Pinterest have found an item they wanted or have purchased. These stats show that projecting brands on Pinterest presents incredible opportunities.

Hence if you get the site right, the brand can have a super-charged international marketing success. Following are some of the key points that should be kept in mind to avoid marketing mistakes done on Pinterest.

Don’t Forget to Create a Strategy

Lack of measurement and appropriate strategy for the platform is a big mistake. Many brands now jump onto Pinterest with “if you build it, they will come” mentality, which ultimately fails and brands loose interest in the platform.

Don’t Skip the Description

One of the biggest mistakes businesses makes is not writing appropriate content and description for their pins. Many don’t even write descriptions. Keywords on Pinterest are very important as it is a visual search engine and they are the elements that drives traffic on your pins and boards.

Not Completing Your Pinterest Business Profile

Keeping your Pinterest and Business account incomplete is one of the biggest mistakes you are making. A complete business account will make your business look more professional and credible. All the sections of the account should be completed, including a proper link to your business website. Only branded logo should be put forth making your brand easily identified on the site as you pin, repin or get repined.

Not Linking to Product Pages

Product pins that don’t link back to a product landing page miss out an amazing marketing opportunity. The whole focus on marketing on Pinterest is to get repins or in other words, your pins being shared to your flowers and so on. A Pinterest user will not visit your homepage to engage with your products. More likely they will see your pin because it has been repined or it appears in a hashtag search. Hence including a link to your product’s landing page on your Pinterest post is a must.

Not Describing Images

If images are being pinned in your Pinterest post, never publish them without adding proper description. With images without descriptions, your pins will not show up in a Pinterest search and if you are not showed in a Pinterest search, your odds of getting repined decline. Therefore a well written description of your product increases click through to your site.

Using Bad Images

Pinterest is an extremely visual site, publishing bad images to your site may be threatening to your online marketing. Posting bad, irrelevant or poor quality images is a bad idea for Pinterest marketing.

Don’t Use Wrong Keywords

Many firms are not using proper SEO strategies for their brand promotion. A proper selection of keywords should be followed, keeping in mind all SEO searching algorithms. There are also many guided search tools that help in discovering what specific terms a user will most likely search for.

Don’t Leave Up Outdated Content

Never leave an outdated content on your Pinterest profile as your users may find the things they are looking for, but may easily get frustrated by finding the content to be outdated

Don’t Forget to Add Call to Action

Getting visitors to engage with your product, business or service is the prime motive to promote your business on Pinterest. Then why most of the firms forget to add proper Call To Action to their pins. A proper Call To Action should be included in your pins to make your business, driving more traffic to your business website.

Don’t Ignore Tracking Methods

Pinterest is a great site that engages your business with customers, unless you track it properly. Setting up proper methods to measure results is hence a very important part to monitor your posts and measure the success of your investment.

The Bottom Line

All firms, therefore, big or small should keep in mind all the above mistakes they are making so that they could be avoided in future and help brands promote their business online through not only Pinterest but also to all the other social channels.

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