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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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10 BI Trends for 2016

10-BI-Trends-for-2016Business Intelligence is one of the most fast-moving departments in the business world. The previous year led an increasing number of people to realize the significance of data. The rules of BI are changing. Technology is evolving and is bringing along some new trends with it. Let’s have a look at some of these tech trends BI will encounter in 2016:

Data Visualization

Organizations are implementing more data visualization in practice. It has become a new way of conversing everywhere from boardrooms to media. Visual data makes it easier to convey patterns and stories to experts as well as non-experts. A large number of people are turning towards it for better insights, meaningful collaboration, raising more questions.

Data Integration

Data integration will take up agile methods. They need models for getting data from the right source and that too quickly. Organizations are going to stop congregating data at one place and start looking for ways to combine and connect different data sets.

Self-service Analytics

In order to stay iterative, businesses need the ability to shape the available data. This is the reason self-service data preparation tools are in demand. This will enable people to respond to changing priorities quickly.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics will no longer be limited to just the analysts. Organizations are asking for a more meaningful analytics report rather than just surfaced data. They are looking for ways in which non-analysts can stay in the flow of analysis.

Center of Excellence

Organizations are adopting self-service analytics to establish a Center of Excellence. These centers are contributing to a data-driven culture. These centers are enabling non-experts to power their decisions through data.

IoT Data

IoT will have even more incorporation into our lives. Sensors will be everywhere generating a huge amount of data. With the increase in volume of this data, the potential for insights also increases. There will be tools that enable people to dig deeper into this data and share their insights with each other in a secure manner.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile analytics managed to develop a strong position for itself. The year 2015 will gave rise to a number of products that provide a fluid, mobile first experience.

Cloud Analytics

2015 saw an increase in the acceptance of the cloud platform. They came to realize how cloud analytics gives them the ability to be agile. Not only is it convenient to use, it also makes data highly scalable. The year 2016, will show an even more increase in the usage of cloud. The credit goes partly to the tools which help people with the consumption of web data.

SMBs Can Afford

The different areas in business especially sales and marketing will be affected by Big Data analytics. A number of companies have chosen to make investments in this field. With their affordable prices, more sophisticated BI tools will be used by SMBs.

Analytics on Hadoop

Big SQL will shine this year as SQL-based technology becomes powerful enough to analyze the largest sets of data. Hadoop’s power will finally be leveraged to run analytics in the cluster directly.

The Bottom Line

A number of technologies are emerging for business intelligence and as they come out, they do leave out some gaps in the market. This year, a number of companies will rise to fill those gaps. Organizations will switch from the single solutions to some more open and flexible ones.

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