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Monday , June 24 2024

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The connected person: IoT, Big Data, and the Cloud

The-connected-person-IoT-BigData-and-the-CloudCloud based services these days are paving some dynamic and affordable ways for SMBs to large scale computing by offering software, operating systems as well as infrastructure. With the concept of IoT in progress, their customers will receive additional information to process big data generated from various sources coming from the network of sensors, mobile devices or the social network. We are not far from the time when the service providers will be serving ‘the connected person’. We could already take a glance at the upcoming scenario as is apparent through mobile apps. Individuals will have a personalized cloud consisting of all the devices, data and software. It will be like a window to the digital world in their palms. The connected person will have the power to access and somewhat control the digital world, comprising their home area network as well as the giant worldwide network.

Areas under Influence

All the industries that are served by the internet will be affected including education, banking, medicine, entertainment and transportation. Cloud based software along with hardware will receive, process, share and control information. A good illustration will be seen in 3D printing where information might be taken from the cloud to a machine for creating an object. Wearable medical devices can use the services of the cloud to get access to medical personnel.

Steps towards Standardization

A number of efforts have been developed by IEEE-SA to establish some pertinent standards. It is open for participation from anyone involved in IoT, Big Data, or cloud related technology. This is to shape the standard for this technology and have a clearer view into the future of this technology. Also, this will ensure interoperability, which in turn will lead to the growth of market and reduction of costs. This will develop an economy amongst the cloud service providers that remains transparent to the users. This will give rise to a dynamic infrastructure that is capable of supporting evolving business models. Customers desire dynamic cloud configurations and that is why it is required to do away with the traditional systems and adopt a framework that supports cross domain interaction and functional compatibility. The unified approach will reduce industry fragmentation.

The Bottom Line

IoT and cloud technology are pushing the boundaries of the geographical, industrial as well as technological world. Billions of devices are going to be connected in the near future, all revolving around its user- the connected person. There are wide ranging possibilities from building new applications to whole new technology spaces. Yet there are challenges along the way about integration and scaling of the network. Global open standards can provide a multi-stakeholder environment where stakeholders all over the world can join to find solutions and innovative advancements.

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