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Friday , May 24 2024

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Project Collaboration Tools Product Review – Geekbot

Collaboration-Tools-Product-review-geekbotAt business firms, decision makers at all times look for a better way to communicate with their team. Every team or department needs to communicate with other departments as well as to engage their own team. A customizable project collaboration tool is needed in such requirements of businesses. Slack is a well-known tool on which many decision makers trust and rely.

Geekbot a project collaboration tools provides helpful features to set up Asynchronous meetings inside Slack. The tool is very easy to use and has a user friendly interface. It directly imports settings from the Slack and allows you to put questions and answers with reactions like a real time meeting. The decision makers can keep an eye on their teams and ping other teams seamlessly.

Editions and Pricing

Geekbot has one edition that costs $3 per user per month (when billed monthly) or $30 per user per year (when billed annually). The tool is affordable for startups and small business.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The tool provides all in one dashboard where you can add new stand ups and view the interactive timeline. It also shows the reports.



product_review_geekbot_multple_standupsMultiple Standup
The best thing is that the tool allows you to add multiple standups, with which you can separate timelines as desired. It eliminates the complexity of communicating with various team members.



product_review_geekbot_custom_questionsCustom Questions
Although the tool offers some default questions based on your tasks, however, you can set custom questions to ask your members. This gives you easy tracking for the tasks and @mentions facility.



product_review_geekbot_response_timeResponse Time
With response time feature, you can alert team members about new standups. It checks for a set amount of time whether they are online or not.


product_review_geekbot_broadcast_channelBroadcast Channel
The tool lets you post all the answers from the timeline to a broadcast channel. You can use #hashtags or create a channel in the Slack.


Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the tool doesn’t offer mobile apps.


Currently, the tool works with Slack and integrates with other channels.


The tool provides support via live chat and via Email.

Pros and Cons of geekbot


  • User friendly interface.
  • Chat command is an exceptional feature.
  • Cost effective for startups and small business.


  • Setting up the tool takes longer because every member has to sign up.

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Geekbot differentiates itself by many features such as chat commands and private channels. Chat command lets you login by just entering ‘login’ in the Geekbot chat window. You can use private channels by adding members of your choice and start meetings. The best thing about the tool is that your task tracking is based on questions and answers which is more flexible to the team. You can add reactions and copy links easily right from the dashboard.

For more details, please visit: geekbot website.

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