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Monday , June 24 2024

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- CollaboraZon


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The app is all about working together effectively and effortlessly. Collaborating with peers will generate new relevant ideas that can be implemented with a better approach. CollaboraZon is a transparent platform that connects the ideas and people for working on a single project or theme. Multiple collaborators can be connected via communication.

Your data and files are stored in spaces and subspaces. These areas are shareable with the collaborators so they can participate and contribute their opinions as well. Another essential feature of the CollaboraZon app is event management through the calendar. They organize the work plan and remind you regarding critical deadlines. With the calendar view and its reminder mechanism, you can never drop any event associated with the company or group. It is a file sharing and collaborative platform that keeps transparency along with security to work well with team members and gives better results in productivity of the organization.

Editions and Pricing

Basic 2 €/month two collaborators
Standard 10 €/month 10 collaborators
Premium 30 €/month 30 collaborators

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The dashboard is the centralized space for your account. From here, a user can add a post, event, or file in no time. Besides, decide and set which collaborators can view them or which cannot. Moreover, the dashboard shows a clear and concise timeline of your activities.

Here you can see all the persons associated with your account and organization. You need to add them through invitations. These contacts are valuable as to know about your network. Understanding the collaborators can lead towards better work approach.

This is the place to store all your work including information, files and documents. Anytime you can upload files of any type or can create subspaces. Share a subspace with as many collaborators as you want. It shows both your personal and shared spaces.

All the events or activities can be added and represented on the calendar interface. It shows the event occurrence as per the date and time in the calendar look. This feature makes the planning and management natural process. Its users’ choice to show or hide the information of events with the collaborators.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the app does not provide a dedicated mobile app for mobile accessibility.


The app does not provide combination with any other app.


The platform consists a help center for the relevant topics. Additionally, it provides email support and phone support to the users.

Pros and Cons of CollaboraZon


  • Event management through the calendar view.
  • Upload any file and share it with others.
  • Decide who can see your shareable content.
  • Powerful profile settings.
  • Notifications of any changes in the collaborator groups.


  • Social media or storage app integration is required.
  • The event cannot be created directly from the calendar.


CollaboraZon provides a platform to create and share files, posts, and events so multiple users can work on them with a collaborative approach. This way it binds the people on various ideas and helps in the growth of the business.

For more details, please visit CollaboraZon website.

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