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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Neurable Raises $2 Million

Neurabl- Raises-$2-MillionNeurable has recently raised $2 million to build a unique brain-controlled software for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Ramses Alcaide, Michael Thompson, James Hamlet and Adam Molnar founded Neurable, which has developed the brain interpreting system. This system allows controlling devices such as video games and toys. It involves a cap, which detects the activity of brain wave and converts it into actions.

How did It begin?

Born in Mexico, Ramses Alcaide moved to U.S. at the age of five. One of his beloved uncles lost his legs in a severe accident. After this incident, Alcaide decided to find a way to help people with disabilities so that they can interact with the world. As a child, he spent his time tinkering with toys. After completing his electrical engineering from the University of Washington, he moved to U-M to work on his doctorate in neuroscience, where he worked with Jane Huggins. The journey of Neurable started when they submitted their invention with U-M Tech Transfer in February 2014.

Team Building

With the help of University faculty, Alcaide built his team. Ryan Gourley, director of TechArb, introduced him to James Hamlet and Adam Molnar. These two were working with other startups.

Hamlet, the lead engineer, at the age of seven started designing his own video games because his parents would not buy him any video game.

Molner, operations manager, in his senior year found the Center for Entrepreneurship at U-M.

Michael Thompson, business development lead, met Alcaide at an event of Zell Lurie. He was a U.S. Army officer and manager who managed 160 people and around $60 million in assets.

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Product Development

With no intention to build their hardware, Neurable decided to make use of readily available EEG (electroencephalography) devices. These devices are similar to a headband or a cap and can detect and map the brain’s electrical activity with the help of sensors. It is often called as Brain Computer Interface (BCI). Neurable’s software does not measure specific brainwaves, instead, measures the “brain shape.” It is a pattern of the responsive brain activity, known as the event-related potential.

The Bottom Line

If neurable rolls out on a commercial level, it will overcome other voice or touch controlled devices as act as a prime human interaction platform. Right from making a VR avatar to setting off a HUE light, the technology could be used for limitless power. Only the future will unfold the mysteries.

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